Friday, 4 June 2010

Happy birthday to Me & Nutan

Now before anyone jumps on my throat alerting me on the fact that she's dead, well i know that already, I'm only showing off the fact that i share my birth date with one of bollywood's greatest actresses ever (Kya Honhour Hai). Now i won't pretend to have seen a lot of her classic works, but i'm still discovering them and on my next dvd shopping trip, her classics like Sujata, Bandini etc. are all going into my basket.

I've laid off dvd shopping for now, since i have so many dvds i'm yet to watch plus it was my new year resolution not to buy anymore dvds till i finish all the ones i have at home, its June now and i haven't broken my resolution (yay!). Anway here is a lovely magazine Interview of Nutan's family Members talking about her life, i shall be back again before the end of the day with two Nutan film reviews, till then i hope you all enjoy the article

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that, bollywoodeewana! I've just finished reading the article, and am so glad I took the time to read it - it gives such a wonderful insight into the life of Nutan. RIP, happy birthday, Nutan... and happy birthday to you, too! :-)

harvey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish you lots of happiness and fun with the discovery of hindi films!

Thanks for sharing the interview.
Will have a look at it soon!

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks Dusted off, i too felt exactly the same way about the article, thinking about it now, part of it sounds a weeny bit like the review of Sone ki Chudiya i read on your blog a while ago

@ Harvey Bahut bahut Shukriya :0)

bollyviewer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a bit late)!!! Hope you had tons of fun...

And thanks so much for posting this article. Nutan was really beautiful and such a good actress, too. I dont care much for her films mid-60s onwards because she seemed to be stuck in the weepy-sacrificing-woman roles (like Meena Kumari)- but her earlier films were very good and she was a joy to watch in them. My favorite is Seema - she looked so young and fierce and utterly adorable.

Daddy's Girl said...

I really love the scans, bollywooddeewana, thank you for sharing! Belated birthday wishes to you both - the great thing about great actors is that they live on long after they die, thanks to the work they leave behind, so Nutan is still very much with us. She is one of my all-time favourites.

Nicki said...

Happy Birthday :)

I think it's great you share your birthday with a Bollywood person you admire.

I asked this on Twitter (you should join!!!) too about if you share a birthday with a celeb.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ bollyviewer Thanks i did in my own little way, i agree with you all her work i've seen so far from the 60's have all been depressive, the only film post 60's i've seen her somewhat upbeat is saajan ki saheli. And i'll be sure to add Seema to my shopping list after reading the awesome write up on your blog

@ Daddy's Girl Thanks, well said point about artists leaving their work behind like her too, though i have to admit that i'm yet to see more of her career defining work

Thanks Nicki I keep meaning too, hopefully one of these days, plus i already have quite a lot of social networks i'm on, don't know if i'll be able to manage them all

Anonymous said...

Happy LATE Birthday and many happy returns of the day!

All the best!

ssunheriyaadein said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!!!! (I know I am late, but I didn't see an update on facebook either. And I have just been busy doing nothing these days, so hardly had the time to drop by here.
Hope you had fun. Wish you a wonderful year ahead! I'll come back tomorrow again to read the scanned interviews. It's already so late and gotta reach office pretty early in the morning.
P.S : Since I live in Hyderabad, I am going hunting for Mooga manusulu. It would be interesting to watch the same movie in different languages back-to-back :-)
Let me see if I can try doing that.

Nasir said...

Please accept my belated wish for many happy returns of the day.

More Bollywood deewanagee!

Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday to Bollywooddeewana and Nutan! BTW, June 4 is also my sister's birthday (and I sent her a certain Johnny Walker clip: ).

I haven't had a chance to read this Nutan interview yet, but I will have to get to it...

I too like Nutan a lot in films from the '50s. And it looks as though I have the same favorite Nutan film as Bollyviewer - Seema was the best!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ bollywoodfoodclub Thanks a lot, i just chilled at home with grub and some movies

@ Sunehri yaadein Thank you so much as well, let me know your thoughts on Moonga Moonasulu when you watch it

@ Nasir No worries, its better late than never,Thanks for the wishes

@ Richard S Cool i share a b'day with your sister, Thanks a lot for that Gem of a song, i usually send it to my friends when its their birthday as well. Guess its a case of Karma, as you've sent it back to me. Now i need to watch that film so i can see it all in context

harvey said...

Now that I've read the article, I cna comment on it.
Great insights!
My aunt always used to provide gossip on the Behl family and she said that theirs wasn't a happy marriage. Well, she wouldn't tell it in so many words, but one would gget the gist. She also used to say that he would threaten 'visitors' with a gun!
How she knew so much? I don't know. have to ask her one of this days.
BTW you say 'bahut, bahut shukriya' very nicely! :-)

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Harvey thanks, that's one word i've practised endlessly and i can pronounce it like an Indian would as well ;0)


belated bday man!! n was really nice of u 2 share d writeup on nutanji!!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ the Bard Thanks a lot, very much appreciated

yves said...

Thanks a LOT, BWdeewana, that was extremely pleasant to read (being the Nutan fan that I am!). It's funny though that in spite of all these elements from her brother and sisters we still don't get to know Nutan all that well. There's a core in her personality that we don't access, I think.
Anyway, many thanks again!
cheers & Happy Birthday!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Yves Thanks for the wishes, i knew you'd find it pleasurable, i guess Nutan would always be an Enigma of sorts

Filmbuff said...

Belated Happy Birthday Bollywooddeewana! It is indeed awesome person to share your birthday with Nutan - one of India's truly talented and beautiful women. The first picture on this post is a testimony to that. Nutan was good in her earlier movies like Seema, Sujatha, Anari etc.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Filmbuff Thanks a lot and apologies about the late reply, i was away for a few days. Indeed i'm yet to catch a lot of her classier stuff as you've named above, but i'll definitely get them on my next shopping trip

Filmbuff said...

You are welcome. Looking forward to your reviews!

I haven't seen Saajan Ki Saheli. After reading your review, I feel like seeing it but have to wait until my next trip to India coz it is difficult to get old hindi movies Down Under! Cheers

avdi said...

Oo happy birthday, belated !

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks Avdi :0)

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