Thursday 16 April 2009

Bollywood DVD Shopping

Bollyman - Great prices and free Uk delivery on every item irregardless of price

Bollywoodzone - Great selection and a huge 3 for £10 range on a wide range of classic movies

BollyUk Fair Prices and free Uk delivery on all items irregardless of prices

Dvddhamaka - Great site with decent prices and quite a huge selection of dvds, if a dvd is out of stock at Nehaflix, you're most guaranteed to find it at Dvddhamaka, they also have a much cheaper delivery rate than Nehaflix

Ebay - Great range of titles and excellent prices depending on the seller, i've included too sellers who have a nice selection below
Indian Ash
The Perfect Indian Store

Eros Entertainment - Great bargains with Dvds going for as little as £1/$1 on clearout sales, register with them so you can be alerted on when they're having their huge sales

Induna - Great selection of dvds, with arguably one of the biggest online selection of bollywood movies, they're based in India but the dvds are often very cheap particularly the moserbaer brand which costs about $1.50-$2.75, even with the shipping charges, their prices are very reasonable

Music House - Great Prices on classics and free Uk delivery on every order irregardless of Price

- Based in the Us they have a huge and wide variety of dvds, their prices are really decent too

Tip Top Entertainment
- Great site for classics as well as modern movies at a very very decent price + free UK delivery with orders over £15. Classic dramas like Anand, Chupke Chupke, Do Raaste, Shakti etc all retail for about £2.99 each and newer modern movies from about £10

If you live in the UK you can rent Bollywood films from tesco dvd rentals or Love Film

In the US you can rent Bollywood films from Netflix


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