Saturday 5 December 2009

EK Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka (1975)

The third film in line for Dharmendra week is one where we get to see him as a Zakhmi Aadmi (Wounded Man), if you like your melodrama in gigantic soap opera size proportions, you'll love this film

Vishal (Dharmendra) is a talented poet but he's also a slacker , his girlfriend Aruna (Sharmila Tagore) wants him to get and stay in a steady Job but he's content leaving off the profts of two small business he runs

When Aruna is almost raped by a work colleague, Vishal is afraid of her safety and urges her to stop working, promising he would get a job and ensure she never lacks anything

When Aruna learns she'll be losing her sight in 6-7 months due to an eye disease, she starts avoiding Vishal, hoping not to become a future burden on him

She even tries committing suicide and is saved by her boss Anand (Ashok Kumar)who admonishes her, she had planned her suicide to avoid being a burden on Vishal as he already has a handicapped mother to look after

Aruna reveals that she wants Vishal to hate her so the pain/burden will be less harsh on him when she goes totally blind. Anand comes up with a plan for a false marriage with him, saying 'only the two of them and a few friends would know its a fake one

Aruna agrees and she breaks up with Vishal on the fact that he's a slacker and how she needs a rich man to take care of her, all this is put up of course and she succeeds in making him angry and broken hearted

Following his break up with Aruna, Vishal becomes a misognist and a wild playboy

Mr Anand's daughter Sonia (Leena Chandavarkar) arrives from America where she had been studying Journalism she is shocked to find Aruna as his new wife but he explains to the situation to her

While out in town one night, Vishal offers her a lift thinking she's a slut, when he gives out details of his Hotel and how much he would pay her she threatens to jump out of the car and commit suicide. Vishal calms her down and drops her at home

She attends a Mushaira (Poetry Recital) the next day and is surprised to see him there, she's told he's a famous poet

She's taken aback by his talent and sets out to know more about him, she offers him a lift and soon finds out his attitude to women and his debauched lifestyle stems from a bitter break up with a woman he loved so much

He forgets his book of poems in her car, Sonia takes it home and reads the entire book, she falls deeply in love with him. When she goes to his house the next day to hand over his book, his mother tells her Vishal wasn't this way before and a bad relationship experience had embittered him

Sonia becomes even more determined to get him back on the straight and narrow

She confronts him about his attitudes and self destructive ways but Vishal doesn't want to hear a word but with time Sonia's words start having an effect and he falls in love with her too

Aruna on the other hand (or should i say Miss Self Sacrifice) discovers her blindness was a false alarm, delighted she rushes to reveal the truth to Vishal

She finds him in the arm of Sonia and is deeply hurt. She later approaches Vishal asking him to marry Sonia, Vishal is bitter towards her and sends her away

Sonia hears their conversation and confronts Aruna who begs her not to reveal what she's heard to Vishal

She begs Mr Anand to get them married but Anand too had become aware of her past with Vishal and refuses to allow Sonia marry him asking her to stop her unnecessary self sacrifice

listen to him Aruna Listen

She is adamant and after a car crash leaves Mr Anand dead and Aruna with minor injuries she asks the doctor to lie that the accident had caused her to lose her sight, just so Vishal and Sonia can get married

Will her fake blindness be discovered? Will Vishal realise the real reason behind her decision to break up their relationship? Who will win Vishal's heart or rather whowill Vishal go for between Sonia and Aruna?

Overall Ek Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka (mansion of dreams) is an enjoyable film of kingsized soap opera melodramatic proportions, the ending left me a bit disappointed, i wished the ending was more thought out and they had emphasised more on the importance of being honest as seen through Aruna's deceit to deflect Vishal's affections for her.

I also wished they had honed in on the importance of holding onto and appreciating what you have, all in all i wanted a strong moral message considering the way the whole storyline had been set

Dharmendra is on fine from here as the Zakhmi aadmi (wounded man) you feel his emotions and sympathise with his heart break over Aruna

A big shout out to Leena Chandarvarkar for a standout performance which was partly due to the script and dialogues she was given as the feist Sonia, i loved the way she delivered her

dialogues with gutso albeit in a campy soap opera kind of way, she was refreshing as opposed to Sharmila's self sacrificial act which got tiring and rather annoying

I love Sharmila but her character in this film was rather annoying, the picture below best sums up how i felt about her

She was gorgeous as usual though

loved some of the interiors too, especially this fab windy staircase and the two tone sofa

Good muscic from Ravi as well all the songs here are all romantic and heartbreak type melodies
there's the sweet title track 'ek mahal ho sapno ka' and the heartbreak song 'dekha hai zindagi ko' the spoof y jovila paisa paisa paisa

my favourites are 'dil mein kisi ke'

there's also a female version by Lata

and 'zindagi guzaarne ko' which is my favorite daaru song of the moment

Total Score: 6/10


Anonymous said...

I love that screen cap you've posted as being the one which best shows how you felt about Sharmila's self-sacrificing role in this film! ;-)

I watched this a couple of months back but there was something wrong with the VCD and I never got past the stage where Leena Chandavarkar's character falls in love with the Dharmendra character... I've put it on my rental queue again so I can watch it and find out what happened!

bollyviewer said...

lol at feeling that way about Sharmila - this was sooo melodramatic and sacrifice oriented sopa opera-ish. :-)

I love the Lata version of the Dil mein ksi ke pyaar ka song and remember seriously coveting Leena's white dress there, when I was a kid.

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL... really enjoyed reading this, and I love the screencaps.... I really love how you're choosing some of Dharmendra's lesser-known films for this series. I hadn't heard of this one, and will definitely look out for it.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ dusted off and bolyviewer i really found her quite annoying in this one and when i saw taht scene i thought that pretty much sums up how i feel about her

@ Daddy's girl Thanks i myself chose it for that reason, and although i enjoyed it, the ending let me down

sunheriyaadein said...

I had watched this long long ago. I had totally forgotten that he turns a playboy after his breakup with Aruna. And all this time I thought he becomes a sort of devdas (thanks to the daaru song and his bearded look).
But remember few scenes esp :
- Sonia seeing Aruna taking out a fly(? or was it some other insect) from her tea cup in the mirror
- Her plot to make Aruna confess that she can see.
Highly melodramatic!!! But at the same time it's not all that bad either.
Thanks for that pic depicting how you felt about Sharmila's self-sacrificing role in this film. I simply loved it!!! :-D

Like the staircase and sofa screencap.

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks Sunehri, LoL yes you reminded me of some of the wackalicious parts that had me in fits of laughter, yes it was indeed a fly in Aruna's tea cup which Sonia saw through the mirror

And oh yes i loved her plot to make her confess she could see

It is indeed highly melodramatic which i am fine with, its just that the ending kinda killed things for me, i wanted Aruna to lose out

Anonymous said...

I watched this movie after reading about it here.

Good movie.

I felt Sonia's (Leena) performance is better than Aruna.

Leena is a good actress and beautiful too.
She deserved better recognition in bollywood.