Friday 4 December 2009

Kahani Kismat ki (1973)

The second selection in my Dharmendra week is this camp drama extravaganza from the same director who brought us kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan? He again returns to his numerology idea of having triple K's in his film title with this one, and as luck would have it for him this one tured out to be a box office hit for him

Ajit (Dharmendra) is a graduate unable to gain employment, frustrated at his inability to support his family Ajit resorts to robbing, he's caught and sentenced to 2 years in Jail

His mother(Sulochana) out of guilt that her son had supported her from robbed items leaves the rich mansion Ajit bought her and moves to a poor bungalow

Ajit is pardoned and released from Jail early, he returns home and promises his mother he'll be on the straight and narrow

While on the search for a job, Ajit out of desperation takes part in a wrestling match with a money prize or 200 Rupees for the winner

He wins and with the money he buys various items for his families including a lunch box for his chota bhai ( little brother). He finds there's a huge amount of cash in the lunch box as well as the address of the owner who happens to be Mr Prem (Ajit)

Prem is impressed by Ajit's honesty and as a result he affers him a job, his daughter Rekha falls for him (i don't blame her)

She gets the help of her friend Jayshree T on how to woo him over

At first Ajit is shy and conscious of their class differences

but fierce Rekha ( oh how i loved her feisty dialogues in this scene) refutes him and challenges him to man up

you tell him girl

Ajit does and he declares his love for her to the whole world

Ajit soon starts getting weird fits and seizures, he goes to the doctor where he's diagnosed with cancer, and told he has months to live

This creates drama in his relationship with Rekha, Ajit not wanting her to be hurt by his death breaks up with her in a painfully neart breaking way when he introduces a paid actress to claim she's his wife

Karam Chand (Arjun Hingorani) who knows about Prem's past evil deeds threatens to reveal his secrets, if Prem doesn't pay him large amounts of money

Prem lies to Ajit about Karam Chand's threat and manages to convince Ajit to do his dirty deed by stealing the incriminating documents karam Chand has been blackmailing him with. Ajit out of desperation for money as well as the fact he might be dying soon agrees to the crime

Unfortuantely Karamchand is killed on the same night as Ajit's plans to rob him, as a result Ajit is framed for his murder

When Rekha discovers Ajit is in prison, the true love she feels for him, causes her to go visit him, on her way back she stumbles and collapses which results in a loss of huge amounts of blood

Khoon bhari maang it is indeed

The doctor finds it hard to find her matching blood type and a conclusion is eventually reached that only Ajits blood can save her, but Arjun has cancer, which means his blood can't be given to Rekha

Would Ajit be willing to give Rekha his cancerous blood, or can the doctor find a solution to this? Who framed Ajit? who killed karamchand? Does Ajit really have cancer? Also what dirty deed of Prem was Karam Chand aware of and threatened to reveal to the world Watch Kahani kismat Ki to finsd out these answers

Kahani Kismat Ki (the story of destiny) represents one of Dharmendra's camp peformances from 70's hindi cinema, there's nothing special here but if you love your camp 70's escapist fares, then you'll love this

For Dharmendra fans there's lots to love, ladies (or gents) you get to see Dharmendra fight in his briefs and flex his muscles

I was amazed by Rekha's look in this, i found her beautiful in this film, many people think she wasn't beautiful in her younger days but i loved her look here

Good songs from Kalyanji Anandji, there's the title track 'Kahani Kismat Ki' a seductive item number 'Tu yaar hi mera' and one of Dharmendra's most popular songs 'rafta rafta'

my favourites are 'Duniya mujhe Kehti Hai'

and Rekha and her girl friends in the playful and cool 'Kab tak na dogi dil' watch them rock out with their plastic guitars and other instruments on the beach

Total Score: 5.5/10


bollyviewer said...

Sounds like Arjun Hongorani was a serious rival to Manmohan Desai - I didnt think anybody else could crank up the WTH level of masala to this extent.

Dharmendra did some great wrestling in Rakhwala, too, though not in a speedo. Sounds like he was a worthy successor to Dara Singh! And I agree, Rekha does look very pretty here. I think its something to do with her style and make-up which wasnt as uniformly great in her early career as it was later on.

Ava said...

i loved the songs of this film, but never got to see it.

I thought the 'early' Rekha was cute too. That was just the 'look' of 70s. Eye makeup, bouffant, pale lips, printed sarees.

I loved her in Rampur Ka Laxman. Heck, even in Sawan Bhadon with her thick waist and heavy everything, she was kinda cute.

Rum said...

Ditto with Bollyviewer, there is some serious masala going on here! Rekha looked really beautiful when she was younger but her really early days in film she did look a bit EEEK because her mush! But alas she met amitabh and got a makeover! Lol dharam wrestling was hilarious a lot easier on the eyes than dara singh~

bollywooddeewana said...

@ bollyviewer he wasn't as cool and stylish as Manmohan i think, but he's right up there too

@ Avdi, i'm yet to watch her in Sawan Bhadon. She rocked to look to at though, it suited her

@ Rum Indeed there is, it gets autterly crazy at the end, i think she got the makeover before Amitabh, Ghar with Vinod Mehra was the movie where she started looking different i think

Shellie said...

I love Kab Tak Na Dogi Dil. It reminds me of me and my girlfriends (well, not the instrument part, but the playful banter part). Wish I knew what they were singing about.

I agree, Rekha is quite lovely in this. I've always thought she was pretty in the bits and pieces of stuff I've seen her in.

bollywooddeewana said...

I love Kab tak too, such a playful fun girly song, it stuck with me upon first listen. Unfortunately ic an't translate but i think its something about the heart

sunheriyaadein said...

Sounds like a lot of masala!!! Had heard rafta rafta and I like it too but hadn't heard Kab tak na dogi dil .
I checked it out on youtube after reading your post and must admit that it I liked it the first time I listened to it. Well, here's the translation of the first verse :

(kab tak na dogi dil)3 kab tak
how long wont you give your heart away?

arey (jab tak na jaye mil)3, tab tak

till I find


woh jo aankh ko bhi achha lage, woh jo dil ko bhi achha lage

someone who appeals to my eyes and to my heart as well

dekhte hi aaye jo pasand
someone whom I like the moment I lay my eyes on

oho tab tak?
till then?

haan haan (tab tak na dungi dil)3 tab tak
. haan haan, till then I wont give my heart away to anyone

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks a lot for that awesome job Sunehri, its very much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb

Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks for stopping by guys but i don't understand Russian

Nadeem1414 said... this is a excellent movie which is fighting and funny.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Nadeem1414 thanks for stopping by it is definitely an enjoyable flick, i'm not sure i'd describe it as excellent though


omg!! tt really rekha in tis movie ;)..else,"rafta rafta" is such a funny no whn it comes 2d picturisation..

bollywooddeewana said...

@ The Bard Oh yes indeed that was Rekha in her early days, you now I've always found her beautiful right from day one, many think she became beautiful later in her career, but I've always loved her right from the start

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I never understand those people who say Rekha wasn't a beauty in her early films. She was always beautiful. Amitji told her to work on her make-up and her dialogue after Do Anjaane as he wasn't overly impressed and she worked very hard to improve both aspects with great success. Thanks for the review!