Wednesday 12 January 2011

Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke (1969)

With the forthcoming release of Yamla Pagla Deewana this friday which stars Dharmendra and his two sons, i thought i'd delve back into Papa Deol's film archives for the next few days. Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke (Monsoon comes A-waltzing) is one of his famous hits from the 60's and one of my favourite Dharmendra films, he stars in this alongside Asha Parekh and i have to say both of them make an awesome jodi (couple)

Our story starts in uber melodramatic fashion, and right from the get go i knew i'd love this film

Maya's boss gets all drunk and sexual thoughts creep into his mind upon seeing this rather randy painting

He decides on taking out his randiness on Maya but she isn't so forthcoming, frustrated and eager to get rid of his randy mood he tries raping her , at which point Maya shoots him dead

In fact watch this hilariously dramatic scene all for yourself in the video below

Scared of ruining her son's future, or for him to be labelled as a murderer's son, Maya leaves him in a temple and then hands herself over to the cops (What a good citizen, na?)

Maya's son is adopted by a wealthy childless family Lala Jugal Kishore (Nasir Hussain) and Mrs Kishore (Dulari), he's given the name Jai Shankar. Jai Shankar is showered with lots of affection, the Kishore's later have a child of their own Seeta

Jai Shankar (Dharmendra) and Seeta (Bindu) grow up in love and very much protective of oneanother. Jai meets and falls for Aarti (Asha Parekh), and after months of dating he proposes marriage

They both pick the day of her Examination results to deliver the news to Aarti's father, unfortunately for Jai he runs down his would be father in law who had been on his way back from buying presents to celebrate Aarti's exam success

Jai goes down to Aarti's house and just when he's about to confess his deed, he keeps silent due to her brother's pledge to kill whoever murdered their father as a result he hides his deed from Aarti
Will Aarti ever find out that Jai was her father's murderer? How will it affect their relationship?

drama no. 2
Drama further ensues when Maya, Jai's biological mother falls into the arms of her son Jai Shankar when he takes her home to nurse her following an accident

While recovering in Jai's mansion she notices his childhood pictures and realises he's none other than the son she had given up at the temple years ago. She approaches Jugal kishore who confirms that Jai was indeed adopted from a temple but he pleads with her not to reveal the truth as it may taint their family honour when word gets out his biological mother had done time in jail for murder, Maya agrees but how long will she be able to do this for
drama no. 3
Yet another drama ensues when Rajesh (Ravinder Kapoor) who is Jai's brother-in law is caught by Jai caressing another woman Rita (Laxmi Chhaya). Jai hears Rajesh tell Rita he's going to leave his housewife Seeta for her, thus Jai eager to ensure his Sister's happiness goes about taking matters in his hand
Will he be able to save Rajesh and Seeta's marriage

drama no. 4
If all that drama wasn't enough to digest Aarti's sister Mala (Aruna Irani) gets impregnated by a wealthy boy who turns down the pregnancy and refuses to marry her. Once more its Jai who commits to sort out this mess
Will all this dramatic questions and situations be resolved, watch Aya sawan Jhoom ke to find out

Depending on your cinematic taste buds, Aya Sawan jhoom ke (Monsoon comes A -waltzing) is totally gripping and enjoyable, what with all that mutilayered melodrama, it surely kept me engaged and yes i know a major problem a lot of people seem to have with bollywood movies is the whole story within a story or counter-plot if you like but 'Aya Sawan Jhoom ke' puts it to great melodramatic use. I couldn't help but enjoy this quite well plotted and at the same time chaotic and camp drama, but extremely impressive in my opinion is how all these multiple dramatic situations are always resolved just right before the movie ends.

Overall i'd say Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke is a beautiful melodramatic movie to indulge in especially on a rainy day, yes the acting gets a bit hammy and a bit over the top with lots of melodramatic gestures (see screen caps below)
But with loads of nice songs and beautiful people in beautiful clothes, hammy acting is a very minor complaint that i surely don't mind turning a blind eye on

I loved Dharmendra in this movie, he's at his dramatic best here with an equally impressive wardrobe
Nice Camel Suit and Skinny tie combo

Not crazy about the fit of this jacket but i love the colour

I want that shirt!!!!

Absolutely fab brocade Dinner Jacket, i want it too!!!
Asha Parekh was on top form too, she and Dharmendra are adorable together and they're one of my all time favourite screen Jodi's (screen couples) and of course she was styling in a major way

Loving the sailor style Salwar khameez

Lovely Green Kurta with a funky design

Lovely polka dot sari

This is such a Typical Asha Parekh look, she loves her sleeveless sari's and choker necklaces

In fact all the women in this film had very interesting looks, i love Bindu's south Indian style in lovely sari's and the most amazing yellow gold jewellery you'll ever see

Aruna Irani Colour blocking in a fabulous way
Going all Traditional

Ahh and i simply loved Laxmi Chhaya in this, she doesn't have as much screen time but kya energy hai!!!

Lovely music from Laxmikant Pyareleal, its not one of my Laxmikant pyarelal favourites but the songs are definitely adorable, highlights are the lovely Mohammed Rafi number 'manjhi chal o manjhi chal' & 'burat mar suno', the lovely colourful title track 'Aya sawan jhoom ke' the beautiful Rafi & Lata duet 'Saathiya nahin jata' and my favourite on this is the nergetic main ek haseena performed to greatness by the great Laxmi Chhaya, i absolutely love her charm, her energy and her moves see for yourself below

Now head over to My Music Movies and Mutterings blog for an additional write up of the soundtrack and to get the music for free

Paisa vasool Rating: 7/10


Mette said...

I feel a little bit stupid, because I never knew that Asha Parekh was an actress too!
A lot of fashion in this movie... :)

Nasir said...

The movie has lovely songs no doubt - my favourite being the philosophical MANJHEE CHAL...

I felt that Asha Parekh was beginning to lose her original good looks after a decade of her debut as heroine - beginning right with this movie - which is but natural anyway. It's a pity that Bindu couldn't make her mark as a heroine though she was a heroine material.

ASJK was just an average hit at the time.

TheDanceLover said...

A very awesome film indeed. Esp. the cast of the film is simply mind blasting.
But a little disappointment with the songs that three beautiful and gorgous dancers were taken like Laxmi, Bindu and Aroona, but only dance given to Laxmi! Isn't a bit injustice to Bindu and Aruna. Bindu is the sister-in-law of Laxmikant, so at least for that Laxmikant should have given a good song to Bindu :( No problem always love this film. A great one indeed!
Thanks for the lovely review.

Veen said...

I love the wardrobe too!!! I can just see you in the attire...and my fav is the paisley with the Nehru collar and the brocade jacket.

Are those black Ray-Ban Wayfarer (did you know they have been around 70 years?) that I see Dhramendra in???? Oh my,I still have mine in tortoise-shell hidden (well rather buried) in my wardrobe somewhere!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Limette I think you're confusing Asha Bhosle with Asha Parekh, Asha Bhonsle is the playback singer while Asha Parekh is an actress

@ Nasir I thought Asha looked utterly gorgeous here, ah well Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

@ The Dance Lover Thanks for your kind words and thats for that extra information about Bindu i had no idea she was related to Laxmikant regarding the matter of the songs i think the story didn't allow it Laxmi's makes up for it though

@ Veen Yes i imagine i'd look good in Dharam's outfit too and that shirt is indeed to die for and yes those are Wayafarers on Dharam though i'm not sure if they're Ray ban ones, pretty timeless aren't they

Anonymous said...

If you like the Dharmendra-Asha Parekh pairing (I do too!)... have you seen Aaye Din Bahaar Ke? They look lovely in that too. Quite a bit of melodrama, but less than Aaya Saawan Jhoom Ke, which I'd definitely classify as one of the most melodramatic Hindi films I've ever seen!

By the way, the name of the film should translate as 'The Monsoon Comes A-Waltzing', since saawan is monsoon, not winter.

Sharmi Adhikary said...

I've seen this film many times and love its easy narrative. And of course Asha looks lovely :)


dint knw tis movie had so much melodrama ;)..gud job wit d review..must watch it if it ever comes on TV :)

Filmbuff said...

I would second Aaye Din Bahar Ke as one of the better Asha-Dharam movies which also has lovely songs.

ASJK had lovely songs. Majhe Chal has been picturised in Kerals. Lakshmi Chayaa was very good in that song.

The other Dharam movie with fab songs is Mere Humdum Mere Dost. Dharam is paired with Sharmila Tagore. Have you seen this movie?

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Dusted Off thanks for that correction, i'll re-edit it into the post. i have seen Aaye din bahaar ke and i shall be reviewing it sometime soon, and despite the quite Ott melodrama here i liked it better, no surprise there as melodrama, Hindi film melodrama figures highly for my cinematic taste buds

@ Sharmi Yes easy but chaotic narrative, i found it to be Paisa Vasool though

@ The Bard surely give it a go, if you're like me the melodrama will keep you involved and satisfied

@ Filmbuff No I haven't seen Mere Humdum mere dost but its on my to buy list as i've seen some songs and Sharmila does look spectacular in that movie. You know as Ott as Ayaa sawan Jhoom ke was i preferred it so much more than Aaye din bahaar ke which i found tedious and slightly boring

harvey said...

How does the title of the movie go along with story line, where when if one is not getting mowed down by a car, then getting raped or becoming pregnant (O maa, before marriage!) or being double-crossed by the husband?

bollywooddeewana said...

Lol Harvey i guess the title fits perfectly as it ends happily, hence perhaps the monsoon washed all those ridiculous moments away

India News said...

I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others'. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!

Anonymous said...


another good entertaining movie.
Music is excellent.Lax-pyr. did fantastic job.

all the actors did good job.
on the whole its good etertaining drama.

Daddy's Girl said...

Lovely review and screencaps... I bought this recently and am looking forward to watching it. Laxmi Chhaya was so good ineverything, it seems! She should have been a bigger star.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Daddy's Girl Apologies about my late response, thank you, i enjoyed this rather chaotic melodrama a lot, and Laxmi should have been a bigger star indeed, i loved her in Mera Gaon Mera Desh the best it has Dharmendra in it as well, get that if you can, its an awesome film

Daddy's Girl said...

Thanks Bollywood Deewana, I have seen Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke now, and I really enjoyed it very much, just as I expected from reading your review. I've seen Mera Gaon Mera Desh too - I LOVED Laxmi Chhaya and Vinod Khanna in that. They were so good. In as much as I do love my Dharmendra and Asha and they both did very well, Laxmi and Vinod were so fierce and sexy!!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Daddy's Girl Thanks for confirming my opinions on this movie, I loved Laxmi and Vinod in Mera Gaon too, its one of my Favourite films of all time, that's how much i liked It

Anonymous said...

@main ek haseena

Oh Beyonce, now we know where you got your video ideas!

I enjoyed watching Laxmi's performance, thank you for sharing in your blog.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Anonymous Lol , thanks for your kind words and I see reason for your comparison, Laxmi has that same vibrant energy Beyonce seems to be adored for

Anonymous said...
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