Thursday 2 April 2009

Love Story 2050 (2008)

Ahh love Story 2050, the most maligned and slaughtered film of recent times, comments on imdb range from 'watch this film to vomit', to 'mad story 2050', to 'some love stories shouldn't be told'. However i watched this movie and YES, YES, YES i liked it, although i'm well aware of why it must have rubbed many people the wrong way, but i still love it though . If you like fun films and are fine with the fact that not all films should come with a strong moral message then you'll love 'Love Story 2050'. This movie is fast becoming/ if not already a cult classic. At the beginning of the whole furore about the film, i didn't care much for it, however Raj & Pablo of the Love Bollywood programme on Bbc radio Asia brought this film to my attention with their constant chats & quips about the movie, they've even created a facebook group about Love Story 2050, make sure you join if you're on facebook

Karan Malhotra 23 from sydney is a spoilt brat who lives with his rich dad, one day he meets and falls in love with a lovely girl called Sana (Priyanka Chopra)

He asks her out on a date, Sana is a bit reluctant at first but she agrees eventually.While out on a date Sana reveals what qualities she looks for in a guy (Take note Priyanka fans this might be the secret to wooing her)

The two fall madly in love with one another and Sana even takes him home to meet the parents and he also takes her to his Uncle's (Boman Irani) house, where he shows her the time machine which can transport them to through time. Sana chooses to go to Mumbai in the year 2050 but unfortunately the machine fails to work

One day while out on a date again, Sana & karan engage in some lovey dovey talk and while she goes out to get some ice cream, she gets hit by a truck and dies

Karan's devastated by Sana's death, one day his uncle cracks the code to the time machine and an excited karan decides to go to the future in search of Sana

Mumbai in the year 2050 is utterly beautiful and to die for with robots serving Paan's, and floating cars. They meet a robot called QT who becomes their guide


While there Karan sees a Sana look alike called Zeisha who's a pop star and hugely popular, Karan swears to himself to make Zeisha remember who she is and get her back in time

Zeisha is ultra glamorous and wears some super duper futuristic trends, she also has a personal robot assistant by the name of Boo, who is one of my favourite characters from the movie

An evil Dr Joshi is also greedy for the time machine and threatens the lives of Karan and his uncle and threatens to disrupt their return to present day time. What follows next are a series of doubling up, face splitting & light sabre fights

Will Zeisha regain her memories and remember she was once Sana, will Dr Yoshi grab hold of the machine, what obstacles will they face on their journey to get back to the present time? Watch Love Story 2050 to find out

Overall i loved this movie, the graphics, cinmeatography, songs and Styling were amazing. I laughed, fell off my chair, screamed , threw popcorn at my Tv, this movie raised a whole lot of emotions in me than any other film i've seen in a long time.Yes the plots are incoherent, nit pickers would sure have a lot to pick on, but watch this film with a simple heart and your brain in freeeze mode and you'll love it. Harman's acting isn't the best but i really loved him in this film. Not only is he a good dancer, (i'm well aware of the Hrithik comaprisons but Harman has his own style ) but homeboy sure knows how to deliver the cheesiest, sickening dialogues that would crack you up in no time, which i've captured for your entertainment below

Cheesy Dialogue 1

Cheesy Dialogue No.2

Another highly hilarious scene in these movie that had me rolling on the floor (literally) was the computer game scene where Harman & Priyanka dress up as game characters (i've included the video clip below)

Yes Love Story 2050 is annoying in parts but as i have said if you do enjoy watching brainless, fun entertainment and don't feel your films should always have a message or deal with relevant issues then you'd love Love Story 2050, actually it does teach us never to give up on love, so there all you guys who love your films to have a message, i guess that's the message for you.

Whenever i'm sad and the world brings me down i reach out to my Love Story dvd to cheeer me up, please go and buy it, some of you might need a little wine or a lot of wine to enjoy this film but since i'm a naturally upbeat, unretiring person, i didn't need wine to enjoy this film i'd also recommend you watch it with a simple/unquestioning heart. The film flopped at the cinemas, but we can make the dvd a best seller.

Here are my suggestions on how maybe the film could have been a hit

Perhaps if they had marketed it more as a kids/family movie (if you have kids/ little nephews, nieces/cousins they’re bound to love this especially the futuristic parts)

If the film had been set more in the year 2050, but I understand that might have been more expensive

If they had released it on Children's day as opposed to releasing it the same week as Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na

if the producers had said it was a fun, brainless movie that should be enjoyed with your brains switched off.

If they had called it Mumbai 2050 instead of Love Story 2050

Rather than Sana dying she could have been snatched to the year 2050, brainwashed and given a new identity.

The music of love story 2050 was scored by Anu Malik who i thought did a great job. They were all contemporary and they fitted the brief/mood of the film perfectly. From the fun catchy Sach Kehna to the beautiful ballad Meelo ka jaise sa faisla, the poppy playful Lover Boy, in a set that would give Britney/ Mtv Videos a run for their money and last but not the least my personal favourite, the dancey Milo na Milo

Harman and the dancing robots in Milo na Milo

Total Score: 6/10 (Entertaining Camp Cult Classic)


dunkdaft said...

Seems like you are truly madly deeply in love with future. Lol :D
Way to go. Okay, even I didn't find it that bad, cause given good music, I always find a movie worth a 'one' watch. NOt much.

Cindy said...

I'm both confused and amused by the hotdog dialogues.

I'm definitely going to have to start saying that my life is like a hotdog without the sausage.

Bhargav Saikia said...

Love Story 2050..what can I say! lol!

When I wrote my review of this film..I started off as "science fiction we can finally laugh at".

I feel this film is a shame for "backward" can our writers be! We have such great scientists in our country, why don't the filmmakers consult them before investing such huge money on a sci-film film.

Bhargav Saikia said...


bollywooddeewana said...

@ Darshit yeah the music of the film is really good, i'm surprised it got a medium rating from many

@ Cindy i was Rolling on the floor at taht dialogue as well, you sure don't want to walk around saying that...Lol

Bhargav, its nice having such movies once in a while, i loved it, it was full on camp factor, i don't feel it should be considered a shame, it doesn't represent the whole of bollywood, many rubbish films come out of hollywood too and we don't say hollywood should be ashamed

Nicki said...

OMG - looks so bad but fun. I have it at home but haven't watched it. But I didn't like Krrissh either.

bollywooddeewana said...

its a fun camp film films, but i actually liked it and i enjoyed it and i think it would have done better if they had marketed it as a kids adventure movie + if more of it had been set in 2050, the visual effects are beautiful

S.K.S. said...

Haha I'll be honest, I switched this off after 25 minutes, but I admire your bravery for sitting through it and praising it :)

I want me a walking, talking teddy bear, though. I do like the song Milo Na Milo, but I don't like Harman. He was laughable in Victory, too.

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks for stopping by S.K.S, i found it hilarious, and i actually thought it was ok, i know why it must have rubbed people the wrong way though