Friday 27 February 2009

Ek Hasina Thi (2004)

Ek Hasina Thi (There was once a beautiful Girl) is the debut movie produced by one of my favourite directors Sriram Raghavan. I became aware of this movie through imdb, whenever i was researching a hindi film, it was always on the recommendations list, as it's one of the highest rated hindi movies on imdb so i decided to check it out.

Sarika (Urmila Matondkar) is an easy going, next door type girl who works at a travel agent, one day a gentleman by the name of Karan (Saif Ali Khan) walks into the agency and takes a liking to her
Sarika seems very reluctant towards Karan at first but as time goes on she warms up to him and they both fall in love
One day Karan leaves for his business trip, while away he calls Sarika and asks if she could host his friend for a few hours, Sarika being a good girlfriend welcomes his friend enthusiastically

After a short while Abhijit leaves Sarika's place telling her he needs to run some errands and would come back to pick up his luggage. A few hours after his departure Sarika hears on the news that Abhijit's is a gangster and has been murdered , a panicky Sarika calls Karan and Karan urges her to get rid of Abhijit's suitcase. On her way to get rid of the case Sarika gets confronted by the police and they search the suitcase
Sarika is taken into custody and questioned by the police, Sarika repeatedly denies knowing Abhijeet but fails to tell them she knew him through karan since he had urged her not to reveal his name. Karan provides Sarika with a lawyer who urges Sarika to plead guilty, sayin the judge might pardon her. Sarika pleads guilty but unfoutunately things do not go as planned and Sarika gets sentenced to 7 years in Jail. Finally Karan comes to visit her and he tells her she'll get used to life in Jail in a couple of days

It FINALLY dawns on Sarika that Karan had taken advantage of her, what would sarika do next? Will she spend her whole sentence in Jail or will she escape? What will she do to avenge what Karan had done to her? Find out when you watch 'Ek Hasina Thi'

Overall Ek Hasina Thi was an entertaining thriller movie,that's worth watching, it doesn't come up close to Sriram's second movie Johnny Gaddar, but as this was his first movie, he does a good job. Urmila gives a great performance and Saif plays the cunning boyfriend really well, he looks ultra gorgeous in this movie, i've seen him in many movies and i know he's a good looking guy but he really shines in ths one.
A down point of the movie is that it drags on a bit too long, Sriram could have wrapped the whole thing up in less than 2hrs, considering the fact it had no songs.

Total Score: 7/10


Bhargav Saikia said...

I agree with you about the running time of the could have been much shorter. But overall, Urmila and Saif were brilliant in it. Sriram is a very prolific director..any idea what's his next movie?

Anonymous said...

Next movie Sriram is making is called Agent Vinod also starring Saif. Watch Johnny Gaddar too.

bollywooddeewana said...

Yes Bhargav his next movie is called Dream Girl and he's currently shooting for it

@Anonymous Thanks for stopping by, and I have indeed seen Johnny Gaddar and i really liked it.

Anonymous said...

This was a pretty well-made thriller for the most part. The end was a bit unnecessarily gruesome, I thought. And ya, it could have been more tightly edited in the last 30-40min. Still, it was a fun watch and Saif was terrifyingly villainous.

bollywooddeewana said...
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bollywooddeewana said...

bollyviewer i actually think the Violent end bits were because the director wanted to say women can be bad ass as well. And i do agree with you that Saif was terrifyingly villainous,he played it with style

Nicki said...

I agree with your review. Urmila - I love her! Not a huge fan of Saif but was glad to see him in a different type of role.

Tiff said...

I really liked this one, but I do agree that Johnny Gaddaar was better(but that was excellent in my opinion). I was pretty impressed by Urmila in this one, and I thought Saif was great too but no surprise there because I usually like him in any type of role he plays.

bollywooddeewana said...

yeah bad me, Urmila was utterly impressive in this. I still haven't seen too much Saif films but i've loved him in all i've seen so far apart from Love aaj kal