Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Padosan (1968)

I had to bring my V. Shantaram week to an end as the notes i made on Geet Gaaya Pattharone (1965) made no sense, its one i feel i'll need to re-watch before i can do write up. Anyway moving on from V.Shantaram week, and just before i get my Rekhatober posts ready i thought i'd do a short post on one of my favourite movies Padosan (Neighbour) an adaptation of 'Pasher Bari' a bengali book by Arun Chowdhury, rumour has it that a remake is in the works with Sanjay Dutt and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles but in honesty i 'd prefer it if this film was left alone

Bhola (Sunil Dutt) decides he's comes of age at the ripe old age of 26, and decides his days of celibacy are over

He meets and falls for a young, energetic lass Bindu, following his decision to move of of his uncle's house into his aunt's, he finds out that none other but Bindu his newly found love is his neighbour

Bhola is eager to win Bindu's love but soon finds out he has competition in the form of Bindu's dance master Pillai (Mehmood) noticing she's in awe of her masters dance and music

Not to be left behind, Bhola enlists the help of his Guru(Kishore Kumar) and other friends to help him in wooing Bindu. In a rather clever use of the filmi idea of playback singing which involves Guru singing while Bhola mouths the words, Bindu is in awe of his talent and falls for him

Now that Bindu seems to have fallen for Bhola, things take a turn when his fake singing act is outed

Overall i enjoyed this rather silly and over the top but undeniably fun comedy (depending on your sensibilities). For me the exaggerated facial expressions and histrionics of the characters of Kishore Kumar as Guru, as well as Sunil Dutt's 'Bhola' act kept me entertained and had me in stitches.

On a deeper level (if you so wish to delve that deep), filmi philosopher 'Philip Lutgendorf' notes on his write up of the movie that Mehmood's character as Pillai the Tamil Brahmin dance instructor "invokes every politically incorrect North Indian stereotype of southerners". As interesting an observation it sounds, I really couldn't take this on board as i'm not aware of what these perceived stereotypes are in the first place

Also interesting is the way the film uses framed voyeuristic style shots from the perspective of Bhola and his friends while spying on Bindu

Performance wise everyone is on their fun, playful hammy best, i loved Sunil Dutt as always and Saira is really one of my favourite Bollywood diva's, i love how she was styled in this, in fact i always love Saira's style in all her movies

love the head scarf and cherry blouse, very Parisian chic

Leopard Print Salwar kameez with matching scarf,. she pulls it off so well

perfectly lined eyes and pouty lips, You go Saira

The songs by R.D. Burman made this film a favourite of mine and one i can watch over and over again, i can go on and on about them forver but my favourites are 'Mere samne waali khidiki' 'kehna hai', 'main chali main chali', love Manna Dey's lingering vocals on 'sanwariya sanwariya' the song i've chosen to embed is the flirty 'Bhai bathur', Lata sounds ever so lovely and i love the fun picturisation, this song pretty much sums up Saira Banu

So fab was the picturisation of 'Bhai Bathur' that The 1981 telugu adaptation of this story 'Pakkinti Ammayi' literally copies it frame by frame. Saira Banu wins hands down for me

Now head over and I can't wait to do so myself to My Movies Music and Mutterings blog for a write up of the soundtrack as well as to get the music for free, trust me this is a classic bollywood soundtrack album you don't want to miss getting your hands on

Paisa Vasool Rating: 7/10
Buy the dvd here


Sharmi Ghosh Dastidar said...

I've seen this once and love Sunil Dutt in it. Absolutely versatile :)


so glad u reviewed tis movie :) all smiles coz tis is 1 of my fav comedy movies of all time ;)..tu sach much ek "chatur naar" yaar :P

Amaluu said...

OOOH I love this movie sooo much. 'Mein Chali' is a blast of a song and 'Ek Chatur Nar' is hilarious! Just the other day I couldn't stop singing "Meri Pyari Bindu ... Meri Bindu re Bindu" hahaha.

avdi said...

Among the top bollywood comedies. That is a lovely write-up. I love 'kehna hai', it is soooo romantic.

Mister Naidu said...

Very nice review. Excellent RD soundtrack. Your dual posting with Veen has made me anxious to see this one again.:)

Nasir said...

Godd review BD.

It isn't to write a review of Padosan since the movie is to be seen and felt especially with many situations involving a group of characters and a certain philosophy whether it pertains to leaving the outcome of marriage, etc., to the fate, or the right age of abandoning celibacy for a young man and entering into a marriage. Of course, there is a subtle dig at the North-South divide amply portrayed by Sunil Dutt and Mehmood.

What an interesting movie. A great watch any time any where!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Sharmi True, this was a very different role for him, he was lovely

@ the Bard I love it too

@ Amaluu Wow didn't realise so many people love Padosan this much, Ek chatur is indeed hilarious

@ Avdi Thanks, i just wanted to keep it short and sweet and yess igf i had to pick my top 3 songs from this 'kehna hai' would definitely make it

@ Mister Naidu Thanks, it is indeed one of RD's finest, so glad my movies shared her LP with us

@ Thanks Nasir, indeed there's a lot that can be written about Padosan, its a great comedy and i'm sure i'll find something new next time i'm watching it

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