Wednesday 8 June 2011

Madam X Ko Mera Salaam

Rekha as the one and only MADAM X

The above blog title is the opening dialogue to Madam X which I've long been praying for to be released, but no one apart from Max Movie Channel seems to have a copy of this classic bollywood female kick ass flick. This 1994 release stars none other than one my favourite bollywood divas Rekha in a double role (wow!!! 2 Rekhas for the price of one). She's working her magic here once more, Kicking ass and parading in fashions fierce enough to give Lady Gaga an envious heart attack and make her quiver in her outrageous platform boots.
Bad asss Rekha, check out that tough babe facial expression!! I love this woman

Lady Gaga would kill to have that Hat

Oh yes and this one too

Giving Face!! You better Work!!!!


Ahh Lady Gaga would not only Kill, she'll murder to have this ensemble
All hail the Diva!!!

Now let me wet your appetite with a few Youtube clips, that had me hungry (the whole film is available on youtube but without English Subtitles (Part 1 is here), which is something I can never do no matter how desperate I might be, I need to have my English subtitles)

the first clip below includes the line and my new salute for Rekha 'Madam X Ko Mera Salaam' (Madam X I salute you) complete with the theme tune which you just have to hear for yourself 'she is mysterious, she is wanted, she is coming'

The second Clip is Superbly camp and features Rekha in a cat fight against herself (A MUST WATCH)
The height of Campiness with 2 Rekha's in Matching outfits, which is the bad one, see for yourself in the clip below

Alas my pleas have been ignored so far but please Shemaroo, Eagle, T-series, Eros, Big Reliance Pictures, Pen, Priya, Ultra any of you hindi film dvd companies please answer my prayer and release this on Dvd with English Subtitles. Now how about I wet your appetite even further with this gorgeous song from the movie, Rekha's fashion is truly to die for, well ahead of its time I say



wow!!..these pics were simply awesome :D..hoping 2 read more frm ur end soon dude :)

sunheriyaadein said...

OMG!!! Her outfits! I had never come across this movie, somehow never seen the trailer on Max as well. Will keep my eyes open for it.

harvey said...

O dear!

But love you for loving this!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ The Bard thanks Rekha's movies always make ,me go on a screen capping spree. I hope this movies gets a dvd release soon

@Do and I pray i get to see it in its entirety soon too

@ Lol Hugs* right back glad you loved it, Rekha is simply SUPERB!

Zed said...

I hereby join your campaign for the DVD release. Great article.