Monday 24 October 2011

Choti Choti Si Baat #1

Choti Choti Si Baat (Litte Little Things) is a feature I hope to update weekly (see the previous edition here, and no more promises as I'm usually unable to fulfill them) with little snippets on favourite songs, upcoming movies etc. current obsessions and other bollywood related tidbits

Song of the week: Touch my body from 'Tell Me Oh Khuda' I've long been a Esha deol fan and I have in fact reviewed a few of her films on here. 'Tell me oh Khuda' is being touted as a come back vehicle of sorts for her and I can't help but wish Esha all the best and I hope this puts some much needed spice in her career. I've been playing this lovely number from the film over and over,  the sultry Hinglish vocals over 90's European trance/house beats won me over, I love it and I've been singing it all week

Guilty Pleasure of the week: 'Shake it Saiyaan' from Rascals My first reaction when i saw this video was what the Hell? but it has grown on me and I love it so much, even though I feel i shouldn't but alas how i can resist a hindi r'n'b/hip hop song with vocals from none other than the superb Sunidhi Chauhan, plus this video is a great lesson in cultural appropriation, I love seeing the Hip Hop style video adapted to a bollywood format

Youtube Discovery of the week: I find great pleasure in discovering non Indians singing bollywood songs word for word despite not having a grasp of the hindi language, such is the case with this man right here who gives a rather great rendition of 'Goro Ki Na kalon ki' (how very appropriate hai na!) from Disco Dancer. Please A.R. Rahman, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Pritam or Vishal-Shekhar track him down and let him start singing in hindi films

Retro Clip of the Week: Koi Patthar Se from Laila Majnu I remember seeing Laila Majnu in my early days as a bollywood deewana but I really couldn't appreciate it or should I say I found it boring, anyway this beautiful song rendered by Lata is tempting me to revisit the film

Upcoming Posts: Over on this blog I hope to continue my theme of films relevant because of their soundtrack (that's not to dismiss some of the said films themselves) I also hope to pay homage to Rekha whose birthday was a few weeks ago by reviewing a movie of hers on here. And over on my other blog Bollywood Movie Fashion I shall be taking a closer look into Nanda's amazing wardrobe in Jab Jab Phool Khile
Nanda in Jab Jab Phool Khile

Movie Release of the week: R.A. One Finally its here we've seen the promos, heard the songs and despite my irritation on the rather aggressive promotions I really can't wait to see this film, even if it turns out to be a bore I reckon I'll have fun watching it as I'm going with a  dear friend who loves Shahrukh immensely



lukng fwd 4 ur review of Jab Jab Phool Khile :)

bollywooddeewana said...

@ The Bard I won't be reviewing it on here, instead I shall be talking about the fashions from the movie on my other blog

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