Thursday 20 May 2010

Bollywood Fashion Icons: Vinod Khanna

This is the first in a number of upcoming posts based on stylish bollywood stars i shall be posting about from time to time on this blog. As a freelance fashion stylist i adore and love people with a sense of style that inspires me, while i might not copy them from head to toe, i like when people make me realise how colours i never thought would go together can be worn, and that's one of the major fashion tips i've learnt from Vinod Khanna

Check out that pose (it totally says 'I'm Hot and i know it') then those rolled up sleeves, neat square belt buckle and square framed glasses, i'd wear them all in a heartbeat
Vinod khanna without doubt was one of the most stylish stars in 70's bollywood both on and off screen screen as can be seen in his outfit above (a press picture i think) I would describe Vinod's style as 'Urban Hipster'

Vinod had such a lean frame and cool machismo that i can imagine him being every stylist's dream, he's what i would call a hanger, one of those people who can just about pull off anything

I love his use of colour, like this Green Jacket and yellow bow tie he wears in Aan Milo Sajna

To his Teal blazer and chocolate jumper in Anokhi Ada, those are two colours i never would have thought of mixing, but Vinod wears it so well

I loved his matching safari suits as seen in Aan Milo Sajna, it really highlights his lean frame

Vinod clearly loves his hats, my favourite Hat wearing Vinod moment is from Aan Milo Sajna where he combines it with a check shirt, neckerchief and blazer

Loving the popped up collar and Polyester or is it neoprene Mackintosh

Talking of Neck Ties no one wore them with attitude like Vinod especially in Anokhi Ada where he completed the look with a belted t shirt and purple trousers

Suitswise, Vinod was fond of three piece suits

or sometimes he wore his suits in lovely bold colours with funky ties

Or sometimes he wore them Tie-less with open spread collar shirts

I love him in this dinner suit with a shirt buttoned up all the way without a tie

Vinod loved his sunglasses too, he seemed particularly fond of aviators

Vinod also had a penchant for cool sportswear, who could forget him in that classic Fila Tracktop worn in the 'Hum tumhe hain chahte hain aise' song from Qurbani (1980)

Vinod could just as well pull off Traditional attire, check him out in this poster of Meera for example

as well as in Rajput (1982)

images via Hmong Chick

as well as his Rajasthani looks in Reshma aur Shera (1971)

Image via Beth loves Bollywood

Image via Briyanshu

or his Dacoit looks in "Mera Gaon Mera Desh"

Image courtesy Briyanshu

Vinod was also one of the few bollywood stars who could pull off wearing swim trunks as seen Maha Badmaash (1977)

Image Via Briyanshu

Image via Sharukh is love

Finally Vinod has more than earned his place in the bollywood fashion Icon hall of fame, it shall be the turn of another superstar next time


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Vah vah! What a collection! I'm surprised I like the neckerchief look on him, since I so strongly associate it with Shashi and Rishi who have a decidedly different appeal.

Rum said...

My god this made go Haila! Vinod is truly a stylist's dream, he could pull of those eccentrically coloured safari suits like the ones you've shown and not look like an oddball like the silly suits Rajesh Khanna wore!

Nicki said...

I looooove this post! You went all out on the collection. Vinod looks really good with shades

bollyviewer said...

Any excuse to post eye-candy, huh? ;-) He had a really good figure, so almost anything would work on him. I do wish he'd left the belted tunic to Zeenat Aman, though. (And horrendous bow ties to Shashi.)

bollyviewer said...

PS: Just saw the Hum tumhe chaahte hain aise video you posted and realised something very important. The video manufacturer seems to like Vinod a LOT, coz the scrolling "Video channel" icon comes on just once in the song, and then it only comes on to umm... move all over him on the screen! :) :)

Nasir said...

Speak about Vinod Khanna in true colours!

harvey said...

I've no words!

though I wouldn't wear a blue shirt to a blue trousers! But hey, he is Vinod Khanna!

bárbara said...

Fashion icon indeed! :)

selim köroglu said...

i like your blog hope u like my blog and follow me

Momtaz said...

Love this post! Now I know why you always look so fab yourself!

sophy said...

Nice post bollywoodeewana. I agree, Vinod is Mr Style in Aan Milo Sajna. I like his hat and your screen avatar. I wish I could be half as stylish. Looking forward to what you have to say about the gals and my favorite Dharam who also looked nice in hats.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Beth Bahut Shukriya, i love them on him as well, i'm not personally not into neckties but Vinod is making me think about them

@ Rum Indeed i remember seeing Rajesh in some similar suits as well and he just couldn't pull it off like Vinod. Plus i once heard Rajesh had insecurities about his large backside which made him stop tucking in his shirt, leaving it to hang out instead

@ Thanks Nicki, i agree

@ LOL Bollyviewer i noticed to, couldn't quite read or see the image on the other logo properly. As for the belted tunic he really worked it but yes i do agree he should have left those bow ties to Shashi especially this one

@ Nasir Indeed ;0)

@ Indeed harvey Vinod's fashion tips need to be taken with caution

@ Barbie-O I'm so glad you're with me on this ;0)

@ Thanks Selim i'll stop by

@ Vah! vah! Thanks a lot Momtaz, Vinod really does inspire me, looks like i'll be dressing up as him on one of our bolly raves

@ Sophy Thanks a lot, stay tuned i do indeed have some post on the ladies and yes a Dharmendra one too, i particularly adore his style in his 60's movies

Anonymous said...

Ah, lots of eye candy there! Thank you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

All the best!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Dustedoff You're ever so welcome ;0)

@ bollywoodfoodclub Bahut Bahut Shukriya ;0)

sunheriyaadein said...

Ah...this is such a lovely post - each screencap better than the previous one. Vinod could carry himself well in whatever he wore. I loved his hats and sunglasses and suits and neckercheifs and his attitude and even his belted t-shirt with purple pants. I love the man himself. Really liked the description u gave to that second screencap - it totally says 'I'm Hot and i know it'

bollywooddeewana said...

bahut bahut shukriya Sunehri, look out for more fashion posts in next couple of months, when i shall be doing one on the ladies

bollywooddeewana said...

thanks Anonymous, hope you'll stop more often

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Unknown said...

Please share some more pics of Vinodji.

Unknown said...

Vinodji you my love forever, the most handsome man of the world, i am big your fan. Miss you my hero forever😪😪😪❣❣❣