Wednesday 12 August 2009

Happy Birthday to you Sridevi

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sridevi in Laadla (1994)

Ahhh Sridevi the beauty of 80's Indian cinema, infact it wouldn't be an understatement to call her the queen of '80's bollywood, Sridevi's screen presence as well as immense beauty generated crazy buzz in bollywood particularly after her first hindi hit film Himmatwala opposite Jeetendra with whom she went on to act in a huge number of hit films such as Tohfa, Mawaali, Maqsad, Justice Chaudhury etc. Sridevi had huge star power and was one of the few females whose name was said to be able to draw in the crowds
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Curious case of Sridevi (Sridevi at the 2009 stardust awards)

After a huge decade of hits, the fickleness of fame took its toll and Sridevi's divadom started fading out mostly because of the entrance of newer females such as Madhuri Dixit, Raveena Tandon, Karisma Kapoor etc. It didn't take too long for her films to start flopping, and Sridevi bowed out of the Hindi film industry in 1997 with Judaai. Many protests and letters have been written for her to come back but Sridevi i beg you don't be in no rush, come back only if the role is strong enough. Its her 46th birthday today (August 13th the blog time seems a bit slow) and in honour of that here is my top 10 sridevi list, this top 10 is not based on her greatest performances or best songs , rather they're based on songs that personally remind me of her or songs that i think capture the essence of Sridevi

10. Sridevi's dance scene from Chandni (1989) Part of what made Sridevi well loved was her incredible dance moves this scene from Chandni shows what an elegant, sensuous dancer she is

9. Tu Naja Mere Baadshah from Khuda Gawah (1992) sentimental and expressive performace from Sridevi as she pines for her departing lover in this wonderful Afghan love saga

8. Tere Mere Beech Mein from Watan Ke Rakhwale (1987) A newly independent Sridevi discovers the joys of her new love while the old lover looks on in angst

7. Yaara dilbar Dilbaara from Sultanat (1986) Never has Asha Bhosle's vocals ssounded so ravishing on Sridevi as she tempts and seduces Sunny Deol

6. Garmi hai Kahan Hai from Maqsad (1984) Watch Sridevi wiggle her butt while a much older rajesh Khanna grabs and pats her bum and they both exchange orgasmic ahhh's and oohhhh's

5. Nainon Mein Sapna from Himmatwala (1983) Sridevi dances amongst colourful claypots and colourful dusters in this highly infectious song from her first hindi hit film, you might also remember it was among the antakshri songs from Maine Pyar Kiya

4. Hawa Hawaii from Mr India(1987) Sridevi as a greek goddess, Sridevi as Carmen Miranda they're all sorts of Sridevi going on in this super fun song

3. Main Teri Dushman from Nagina (1986) Watch as Sridevi runs down the long winding stairs seen in many bollywood mansions and then writhes, breakdances and sings 'you are my enemy' to the snake charmer Bhairon Nath (Amrish Puri)

2. Mere Haathon from Chandni (1989) In one of her best and most memorable songs watch as sridevi entertains the wedding crowd in this fantastic song which is said to have been the wedding anthem of many a Indian wedding till it got upstaged by Madhuri's 'Didi tera devar deewana'

1. Har Kisi ko nahin milta from Janbaaz (1986) never has a Sari looked so sensuous and sexy in this superb song from Feroz Khan's Janbaaz, Sridevi Zindabad

Happy 46th Birthday Sridevi, God bless and i wish you many happy more years to come


Bhargav Saikia said...

Happy birthday to the most entertaining actress ever!

Very nice tribute! :-)

dunkdaft said...

oooi oooi ooi! Lovely. Happy birthday to my Sri. Lovvely post. Thanks for reminding me.

Siddhant said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to the lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, extraordinary, supertalented, exquisite and precious Sridevi - the ultimate queen of Indian Cinema

Nicki said...

Happy Birthday Sri!!

Awesome dedication

Richard S. said...

Hmm, Sridevi has the same birthday as Vyjayanthimala - maybe there's some astrological magic at work here (August 13 - the day of the beautiful South Indian Kollywood/Bollywood actress-dancer!)

Happy birthday to Sridevi, and thanks for a very enjoyable post.

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks all, glad you all loved it

Daddy's said...

Great picks - I agree that they capture the essence of Sridevi - such charm, grace, strength, delicacy, beauty, femininity, spark... I love her! And she's still such a stunner at 46! Fabulous.

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks Daddy's Girl, she's definitely still a stunner hence why i have started calling her 'The curious case of Sridevi' she looks prettier the more she's aging

Anonymous said...

sir bollywood deewana do you any interviews of sridevi on camera? particularly an interview to bbc during 1990-91? there are almost no interviews of sridevi on camera and we all sridevi fans on u-tube keep searching for it but to all in vain.plzzzz reply.

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks for stopping by anonymous, unfortunately i have no Sridevi interview videos, i tried checking youtube but the only one they have there are ones of her receiving awards at shows or this one below of karan interviewing her at an award show

Or check this post here by Mister Naidu about a documentray video of Sridevi dancing

Anonymous said...

thankuuu soooo much bollywood deewana for ur reply!! actually we have uploaded mr.naidu's post on sridevi today on u-tube!.from mr. naidu's blog i got ur link! n found u to be sri fan too!! thats why i asked u if u had any unique material about sridevi so we can post it on u-tube for all zillions of sri fanz on u-tube.nevertheless thanku very much for ur reply and YA!! WE HAVE MENTIONED MR.NAIDU'S NAME N THANKED HIM IN OUR U-TUBE POST.

bollywooddeewana said...

You're welcome Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post mate. You have included all the major breakthrough movies of Sridevi except for one - Chaalbaaz. And I believe that movie and the - Naa Jaane Kaha Se Aayee hai- song should've been in this list.

Nonetheless, brilliant tribute to the ONE and ONLY Sridevi :)

P.S. Could you please include Name/URL for the commenting options. I hate using my wordpress ID as an identity.Cheerio!

Sujoy (OneKnightStands.Net)

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks Sujoy,i totally hated Chaalbaaz even though i'm a Sridevi fan, the film just seemed too silly for my liking, generally i love silly films but Chaalbaaz was on another level, perhaps i need to rewatch it as its one i saw in my early days of rediscovering bollywood, maybe i'd think differently abouut it now

i changed my comment posting due to spammers, i will look into changing it back but i might change back if the spammers start spamming me again.

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