Saturday 1 August 2009

Happy Birthday Meena Kumari

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Meena Kumari in Ek Hi Rasta (1956)

Indeed my Beloved Meena Kumari is long gone, but i'm sure she would smile down at me wishing her a happy birthday whereever she is, Meena who often played the Tragic Diva to a T is always sucha jjoy to watch, below are two of my favourite Meena Kumari songs

Inhi Logon ne from Pakeezah
I can & will never get tired of this song, from the fabulous dancing which i'll admit to my shame, i've tried recreating a couple of times in my living room (major work out stuff i tell you) Never has Meena looked so graceful, the perfect dance moves along with the haunting nature and the fierceness Meena brings to it is what i love. Check out 1:17 in the video clip below when she flicks her thumbs at the guy in the video, Absolutely Priceless

Chali Gori Pi Ke Milan ko Chali from Ek hi Rasta (1956)
I shall be reviewing this movie by tuesday, but this song really reminds me of Meena at her young spritiest best, check out her facial expressions and the way she dances in this video

Meena you may be long gone but definitely not forgotten and you're definitely one of my greatest Bollywood Divas


Shellie said...

Happy Birthday Meena!

Absolutely love the oh-so-subtle eyebrow raise at 1:11 in Chali Gori Pi Ke Milan ko Chali.

Ava said...

I am a huge Meena Fan. I think Pakeezah is a masterpiece. This song and the thade rahio one are just so wonderful. I love the setting of the inhi logo ne song. It brings out the ambience of a kotha so well ...

Saw the ek hi rasta song for the first time.

Happy Birthday Meena !

dustedoff said...

Like avdi, I also love Thare rahiyo and Inhi logon ne very much... frankly, each one of the songs of Pakeezah was a gem. Ek hi Raasta was a rather depressing film, but had fabulous songs - the one you've chosen, and also the delightful Saanwre salone aaye din bahaar ke.

Saalgirah mubarak, Meena ji!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Shell indeed her facial expresions are to die for in that song

@ Avdi i consider Pakeezah a masterpiece as well, taht movie is like Art to me, and i do ibndeed love taht setting as well, i don't think i will ever get tired of watching that song

@ dusted off I found ek hi rasta quitee a happy film actually yes it did have some depressing scenes but it had a lighter happy ending. I Love 'saanware salone' as well, in fact its the one i chose to embed in my review of the film above

Nicki said...

I'm late but Happy Birthday. She's so beautiful

Kamlesh said...

Many many Happy Returns of the Day
She is truly what her name means