Tuesday 29 December 2009

Aan Milo Sajna (1970)

Rajesh Khanna is one of my favourite actors, i personally wouldn't describe him as the best of actors but i love his charisma & personality on screen, in fact most times i find him a bit over the top but its his 'over the topness' that keeps me entertained and makes him ever so endearing to me, its his 67th birthday today (Happy birthday Kaka) and as a result i thought i'd review Aan Milo Sajna (Come to me my love) one of my favourite Rajesh Khanna films

Anil Choudhury (Vinod Khanna) is a spoilt brat living a very flashy lifestyle, when his dying mother Savitri (Nirupa Roy) refuses to sponsor him anymore, Diwan (Chaman Puri) the family accountant suggests he marries, go on the straight and narrow and prove to his mother that he's a changed man

Anil the bad boy look what he has in his office drawer

Anil intially asks his secretary Leela to act as his fiancee, but when Leela tells her friend Varsha (Asha Parekh) about the plan, Varsha being a drama queen decides she'll take on the role of Anil's fake fiancee, and then changes her name to Dipali

Thus Varsha now Dipali poses as Anil's fiancee and on their way to the family mansion to meet his mother, Anil knocks down a poor villager and drives on without any sense of remorse, Dipali is shocked at his cold-heartedness and Anil is told off by Ajit (Rajesh Khanna) a do gooder and well respected man in their town

Anil's mother Savitri (Nirupa Roy) is depressive and longs to die, she believes the cause of her illness is a sinful deed which she feels, she can never be atone for, Dipali wishes her well and starts caring for her

Dipali wins the affection of Anil's mother who finds renewed confidence & optimism for life, she also sees her son Anil as a changed man and starts giving in to his every demand

Dipali on the other hand is taken aback by Ajit's big heart and his concern towards the poor, she falls for Ajit and after pestering him with love songs he falls for her too

Savitri on the other hand is eager for Anil and Dipali to get married, when Dipali's conscience starts getting the best of her she decides to tell the truth only for her to be interruppted by Anil who guilt trips her telling her Savitri might suffer severe consequences and revert to her illness if she finds out the truth

Savitri later finds out about Anil's dodgy deals and investments with her money , she decides to put all her will in Dipali's name not even knowing Dipali isn't her real name but Varsha

Anil is gutted but when he catches Asha in the hands of Ajit he exposes her deeds to his mother, trying to convince her about Asha's unfaithfullness

Meanwhile Ajit's mom Kaushalya (Dulari) is scared of her son's association with the Choudhury's considering his relation with Dipali who resides in their mansion

Why is Ajit's mom forbidding him from going to Anil's mansion? What evil deed was Savitri feeling so remorseful about? Will Deepali reveal the truth about her identity, what effect will it have on Savitri

I think i've tried writing this film up to the best of my ability there's was so much going on, its a well packaged commercial entertainer, this movie has everything you'll want from a 70's bollywood drama masala escapist fare, there's romance, suspense, a little bit of action , a comic side plot, gorgeous lead actors and actresses as well as great songs of course, all are combined for a superbly entertaining film, i loved every minute of this film and i'd strongly recommend it if you love your 70's escapist fares,

Rajesh Khanna really is a handsome man, not like i didn't know that before but he was just on another level of hotness in Aan Milo Sajna

as for Vinod Khanna i loved him as the villain in this, he was fiercely evil, just how you want your villains to be, if you love Vinod, you must definitely watch this film

He was also rocking some serious fashions as well

straw hat, checked shirt, neckerchief and oversized sunglasses (well done Vinod)

green tuxedo and yellow bow tie only Vinod can get away with this

Tom Cruise and his Top gun buddies can go take a back seat, here's Vinod wearing aviators years before Tom and his buddies made them hugely popular in Topgun

Asha Parekh was also styling and looked extra gorge in this

And Nirupa Roy was actually a different Maa in this one not only was she carrying a gun she gave Vinod a hot tight slap just when he needed it

Nirupa Roy is gorgeous FACT

Ok i've said it before and i'll say it again Laxmikant Pyarelal were the kings of commercial film music i loved each and everyone of the songs from the romantic 'tere karan' the colourful title track 'aan Milo sajna' to the fun 'acha to hum chalte hai', 'Jawaani o diwani to zindabad' of the lot my favourites are 'palat meri jaan' which has now become one of my favourite Asha Parekh songs

and 'koi nazrana leke'

Happy Birthday Rajesh khanna wishing you many more happy years to come

I'll recommend everyone who's a fan to watch the 1973 bbc Documentray on Rajesh khanna Bombay superstar, i've embedded part 1 below

Watch Part 2
Watch Part 3



Momtaz said...

Loved listening to the 'Koi Naza' song, very relaxing!

Anonymous said...

This film was so much eye candy! And the songs were great too. I saw this too long back to remember it well, but I seem to recall that the only thing that jarred with me was Ajit's too-good-to-be-true behaviour re: the local populace. It's a common theme in old Hindi cinema, but it got on my nerves anyway.

sunheriyaadein said...

I was so crazy about Rajesh Khanna once upon a time (I still am, but now I atleast see faults when there is one) that everything he did was more than perfect to me. I just wouldn't find any faults with the characters he portrayed or the movies he did. Had watched this movie in those days and had truly loved it. Don't remember much of the story but I often watch the songs. Kaka looks so good in it and so does Asha. And Vinod is such a stylish villian!

Anonymous said...

Vinod Khanna actually looks pretty gorgeous even with all that blood (is it?) splashed across him.

Daddy's Girl said...

This looks awesome. I love Rajesh and Vinod, Asha has never been one of my favourites, but I really don't mind her. And yes, Nirupa really is gorgeous! Will check this out, thanks for the review!

Filmbuff said...

This is my first post although I have been reading your reviews on and off. You have a good blog. Aan Milo Sajna was very famous for its songs and cast. VK was always good whether a villain or hero. BTW, have you seen Kudrat which had RK,VK and Raaj Kumar along with a gorgeous Hema Malini?

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Momtaz i love that song soo much probaly amongst my top 10 rajesh Khanna songs

@ dustedoff yes that is indeed blood splashed across Vinod Khanna and yeah Ajits too good character was a little annoying at times but still adorable

@ Vinod is indeed a stylish villain

@ You're welcome Daddy's girl i myself didn't know what to expect but i absolutely loved it, let me know your thoughts when you watch it

@ filmbuff thanks for the kind words and for commenting, i haven't seen Kudrat but iam getting the vdd soon well its a rajesh khanna six pack special by moserbaer that has Kudrat in it


Anonymous said...

This very narrowly skipped making my list when it started to get a little too 71-72 centric in there. This and Kati Patang are both so much fun to me. I dont know why he and Asha made so few movies together. I thought they made a better couple than Rajesh and Sharmila. Sacrilege, I know, but Asha seemed to bring out the fun in him while Sharmila brought out the tears.

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks for stopping by Amrita, sorry about the late reply, you do make a great point, i haven't seen Kati Patang but compared to more Rajesh and Sharmila films he and Asha had fun in Aan Milo sajna


amazing rajesh khanna movie!!..beautiful songs by bakshi saab n even now "accha to hum chalte hain" n "jawani o diwani u zindabad" are my fav's :)

vindod khanna luks more suitable 4 a cow boy/westren role :P

bollywooddeewana said...

Oh yes he does, he has the attitude to pull it off, and yes indeed this is one of my if not my favourite Rajesh khanna movie

Arjun Narayanan said...

I watched it last weekend and loved the songs

Anonymous said...

At what location was the song Achcha to Hum Chalte Hain shot?

Sanjay Bhai said...

Dal lake

bobjit said...

searching 4 same...