Saturday 13 November 2010

Tees Maar Khan Promo

Ahh!!! what is a Farah Khan film without some retro goodness added in, looking at one of the Tees maar Khan posters reminded me of Jeetendra and Sridevi Kamasutra style dance poses in Tohfa so i guess we should be expecting one in Tees Maar khan
very Similar Poses na!!
Asides from the aforementioned, one could easily term the Akshay/Katrina pairing as the Jeetendra/Sridevi style Jodi of our times, not only was Sridevi considered a mascot to Jeetendra in his 8o's career, Katrina is considered one to Akshay's career as well, a look at all the previous films they've both starred in have been hits, and without doubt this looks set to be one as well. Now even though we could liken these two couples i doubt they'ell ever be able to match Jeetendra/Sridevi when it comes to perfectly synchronised dance steps a lot of which you can see here

Enough of my babbling Tees Maar Khan hits cinemas on december 22 and i really can't wait


Globe Trotter said...

hey you spotted that one well!

Ava said...

I saw the trailer when I went to see Golmaal 3. It sure looked fab! This one and No Problem too.

kal ho na ho said...

I 'm an admirer of Farah khan's style of direction and creativity. I deeply think that Akshi is more suitable for this role than Shahrukh .. although I'm a SRK big big big fanatic..!!

Now I'm looking forward this Eid to the new Sanjay Leela 's masterpiece Guzaarish with my complete reservations towards Hirthik and Aish..

thanks for the post..


harvey said...

I'm not looking forward to this film. I liked all Farah Khan's films till now, but The main character's key line put me off completely!

Amaluu said...

Haha! That's a hilarious juxtaposition, although we all know that Akki/Kat cannot hold a candle, much less a match to Jeetu/Sri! I like Farah's movies so far but am just NOT a fan of Akki/Kat, so I won't be in any rush to see this one. But seeing that image made me want to re-watch Tohfa! :-)

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

That's a great find!

Am I just being a ridiculous prude when I say I'm somewhat surprised they used a pose that can so easily seem so sexual? I'm trying to think of other ads that show so much groin contact :)

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Naveen I don't play with my hindi films :)

@ Avdi I'm avoiding no Problem, i think i'll wait for it on dvd

@ Harvey I have some doubts too, but i trust Farah for her Paisa vasoolness, hence i'm sure it'll be entertaining

@ Ahh do give Tohfa a watch ,the songs are fab but the melodrama is way too HEAVY


bollywooddeewana said...

@ kal na ho you're welcome and i do agree with you, Akshay seems more suitable to this role than SRK and i do enjoy Farah's films too, they're always value for money, i didn't make it to the cinemas to see Guzaarish but i'll definitely catch up on dvd

AMODINI said...

LOL - Well spotted ! Although current movie stars seem so much fitter, notice Akshay's flat abs and great posture as compared to Jeetendra's slouchy one !

Mette said...

Ahh... why can't I watch all those great movies in cinema here...???

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Amodini Indeed apologies about my late response, Star now are much more fitter but i surely didn't mind the tubby stars back then.

@ Limette Apologies about my late response I know it sucks when stuff like that happens but no worries, movies often get released to dvd on a faster rate than before, is a great place to look for the latest releases plus their prices are very decent

Chicago remodeling said...

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Blueicegal ♥ said...

Yeah I can see it, I just watched Rajneeti, unlikable characters with a decent plot line, Katrina and Ranbir bring the movie down a notch,the both of them really just can not act and I cringed several times at Katrina Kaif attempts. I don't think she is ready do do such serious movies, had they taken a actress who could actually act might have made her character more respectful and taken more seriously.

I like her overall and sure the hype around her is the only thing working for her.

Once that has gone people will want good acting skills and if she hasn't sharpened up by then she could be in serious trouble.

As for Tees Maar khan I am not even going to bother, from what I have heard it's another let down, the one thing that stands out from that movie is that song that all the guys are perving over to be honest.Just my opinion.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Blue Ice Gal i'm yet to watch Rajneeti but she is indeed very likeable and you're spot on about people expecting her to sharpen up her skills and Tees Maar Khan was an enjoyable flick more so if you're an Akshay Fan i think

Anonymous said...
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