Tuesday 14 July 2009

Aitraaz (2004)

Abbas-Mustan the modern hindi film kings of suspense thrillers strike their rod at yet another hollywood inspired movie 'Disclosure' (1994) which i am yet to see, however i did enjoy this bollycat (bollywood + copy cat=bollycat). I knew i was going to love Aitraaz (Objection) when i realised Amrish Puri & Priyanka Chopra were a couple in it

Priya (kareena Kapoor) an aspiring lawyer lands in Raj's (Akshay Kumar) house after an address mix up on her way to to a job interview

Priya and Raj fall for each other and then get married

They actually made a cute couple, i loved their Jodi

At work Raj is due for a promotion, on the day of his promotion the company chairman Ranjit Roy (Amrish Puri) announces his new wife Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) as the new managing director of the company

Sonia however was once Raj's girlfriend, they had split up when Sonia refused to settle down and marry him, she had also aborted his baby in order to keep herself on top of the modelling world

Sonia the model refuses to give up her job for a baby

I'm not sure Vogue will be happy with the huge samsung logo on the cover of their magazine

Although Raj was due to be promoted to the role of CEO, Sonia changes his role to one of the Board of Directors (i think we all know this means he would have to do some dodgy things for her)

Sonia soon starts seducing Raj, she invites him over to her house begs him to do her, Raj being a nice decent married man declines which sparks Sonia's anger

Sonia then reports to Mr Roy that Raj had tried to rape her, Raj is given the sack

A devastated Raj then decides to fight his dismissal and prove his innocence and Sonia's claim that he had raped her

Will Raj be able to get his life back, Will his wife Priya stick by him, for these and many more hilarious reasons watch Aitraaz to find out

I haven't seen Disclosure which this movie is said to have been inspired from, but i enjoyed this one, the story is entertaining and it held my attention

The star of this movie without doubt is Priyanka Chopra she steals the show as the conniving, sex starved Sonia with much panache and hilarity, she bagged the filmfare best villain award for her portrayal of Sonia Roy

Looks and evil Tactics Sonia

I enjoyed her antics in this, particularly the scene where she begs Raj to have sex with her

I loved her antics when Raj turned her down, i was rolling on the floor with laughter

i loved her bitchy one on one dialogues with Kareena Kapoor

There were some steamy scenes between Akshay and Priyanka as well

Akshay Kumar was calm and in his role of Raj, i think this is the first film where i've seen him act so mellow and not be his usual loud jokey self

Kareena Kapoor barely had much to do till the final scenes where she gives a great performance as her husband's lawyer

Of course it was a pleasure seeing the lovely Amrish Puri in one of his last roles as Priyanka Chopra's partner (what a hot couple na), though i wasn't too pleased that his character was subjected to many Viagra jokes

The music by the lovely Himmesh Reshammiya (why can't people stand this guy, ok i agree his acting isn't on par, but he's a fab music director) is very enjoyable, from the Hip Hop/ R'n'B tinged Gela Gela Gela, the mellow rhythms of 'Woh Tassawer' and Alka Yagnik in full blast and at her best in my favourite song from the film 'Tala Tum Tala Tum'

Total Score: 6.5/10 ( A very Enjoyable thriller drama)

Aitraaz is available in 19 parts with English Subtitles on Youtube



Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for reminding me of this film. I love the Priyanka screen caps! "Raj show me you're an animal. Show me." LOL Excellent!
All the best!

Ava said...

Never did see this film, but I hear its a good one.. Youtube hmmm.. looks like I can have a busy weekend. Thanks !

dustedoff said...

Ouch. I wish you hadn't added that bit about Himesh Reshammiya being the music director. I'm one of the can't bear him gang... I'd got quite interested in the film after reading your review, but that last line got me doing a rethink!

Shellie said...

I saw Disclosure years ago but barely remember it. I really should take in a thriller (since you're posting some good ones lately). I love Kareena's look in this one - she looks so young and innocent and endearing.

Priyanka and Amrish? Now that's a couple that some might find hard to handle. I might have to watch just to see Priyanka in all her villianry glory (is that a word?)

Bollywood said...
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Nicki said...

I actually enjoyed this when I first saw it. Been a while. I did like Priyanka in it, even though I've bashed her before....but I rather have Priyanka in Andaaz. One of my friends hated Priyanka in this film, she thinks Priya tried too hard to be sexy.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Bollywoodfoodclub- you're welcome, i found Priyanka scenes hilarious

You're welcome Avdi, happy viewing ;0)

@ Dusted off- i really love Himmesh's music, forward the songs if you can't stand Himmesh, but i'd recommend trying them at least once

@ Shell never heard 'Villainry' before, but it sure does sounds good and oh yes i loved kareena's look in this movie as well, she's lost a lot of weight, she doesn't look like this anymore

@ bollywoodfan Priyanka was really a hilarious villain in this one, hence my screen caps of the parts that had me rolling on the floor

@ Nicki she was just perfect as the shady character, i don't think she tried too hard to be sexy, she was just right, her antics really had me rolling on the floor, i'm yet to see Andaaz, its on my rental list

Daddy's Girl said...

I think I've enjoyed reading this review more than I enjoyed the actual film! I don't think I enjoyed the movie much (I rememebr thinking Bebo was miscast and Priyanka overdid the sexy bits), but like the Bollywood fan, this review has me wondering whether I should try it again....

bollywooddeewana said...

In honesty i was in a giddy mood while i watched it, i laughed and i was highly entertained at Priyanka's OTT sexy woman antics and all that while paired up with Amrish as his wife, watch it in a cheery mood and you'll probably feel the way i did about it

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