Wednesday 16 September 2009

Khakee (2004)

I was in the mood for some pick me up masala action and this flm was perfect for me, even though it wasn't crazily masala with people losing kids etc. i enjoyed every bit and second of it

Inspector Anant Kumar (Amitabh Bachchan) is a dedicated police officer in fact we could say he is married to his job

During preparations of his daughters wedding he's alerted and entrusted with the Job of bringing wanted terrorist Iqbal Ansari safely from Chandigarh to Mumbai, a previous attempt to bring him to Bombay had resulted in a bloodshed with terrorists headed by Yashwant Angre (Ajay Devgan)

The mean spirited Yashwant
Inspector Anand is gutted about leaving during preparations for his daughter's wedding, but he has to fulfil his obligations so he takes four officers with him, Inspector Shekhar (Akshay Kumar), Inspector Ashwin (Tusshar Kapoor) Constable Kamlesh and Naidu

they're soon joined by Mahalaxmi (Aishwarya Rai) who says she's seen the head of the terrorist organisation

They get hold of Iqbal Ansari and start their journey back towards Mumbai

A romance blossoms between Mahalaxmi and Inspector Shekhar

the journey back isn't so easy however as the terrorists starts attacking, in a bid to save their lives Inspector Shekhar brings up the idea of letting Iqbal go with the terrorists, he's refuted by DCP Anant

A frustrated and tired Iqbal Ansari breaks his silence, alerting them that the terrorist organization aren't out to save him from the police but rather kill him as he had threated to expose a corruption among the police and politicians

Will they accomplish their mission? Will they get to Mumbai safely with Ansari? How will Mahalaxmi and Shekhar's play out, will it hamper his career? Watch Khakee to find out

I have nothing but love for this movie, Khakee is my opinion is the best bollywood cop drama ever made, it is fast paced and gripping i watched all three hours in a go, usually for some bollywood films i tend to watch half and then continue the other half the next day

Great performances all around this is my first Tusshar Kapoor film and he's truly impressive here, i know he's mostly relegated to playing comedic roles but Khakee shows that he's capable of handling strong roles

After over 30 years in the industry Big B shows he's not going anywhere anytime soon

I loved Akshay and Aishwarya's Jodi as well can't wait to see them in the forthcoming Action Replay

Having known Aishwarya for a few years now, i have to admit that its in this film that i guess i can say i saw what all the fuss was all about, she is utterly gorgeous

Check out those eyes

kya beauty hai

It was also nice to see some golden oldies a la Jaya Prada and Tanuja

The make up really made Tanuja look scary

ahhh the wonderful Jaya Prada

This film would have worked just as well without music but i admire the director Rajkumar Santoshi's decision to include them in, he really had us (bollywood deewana) audiences in mind we love our naach gaana [song & dance] leading to a rocking soundtrack from Ram Sampath

The romantic 'Vaada Raha' with Akshay and Aishwarya in full on romantic mood, the groovy flamenco sounds of 'Dil Dooba' with Aish and Akshay dressed in flamenco type costumes my favourite however has to be 'Aisa Jadoo' which i guess i can declare as one of the most energetic item numbers ever with Sunidhi Chauhan's voice on full blast (i love Sundhi so much) and Lara Dutta definitely enjoyed herself with this one, and it shows, she was so passionate and energetic. Now stop reading and just click the play buton on the video below

Super fierce Lara in 'Aisa jadoo'

Total Score: 8/10 (Brilliant Fast Paced Cop Action Drama)


ajnabi said...

I've been wanting to see this since Filmi Girl said Akshay and Ash actually work well together onscreen. I'd seen Lara's item number before but I didn't know this is what it's from. Nice post!

bollyviewer said...

I love this film, too - especially Akshay's character. Its not often that you see in a hero-cop a normal human being, flaws and all, and Akshay's character was definitely flawed, and such an opportunist. Tusshar was pretty good too - I think he is perfect for character actor roles. I love the songs too - my favorite is the Dil dooba number which is a lot of fun to dance to!

Ava said...

wow.. I havent seen the movie. But wish to. And I absolutely love Aisa jaadu. Great to see it once more.

Anonymous said...

Like bollyviewer, I liked Akshay Kumar and Tusshar Kapoor a lot in Khakee - men, with their failures and foibles and triumphs, not just cops in uniforms. The film is fast-paced and good too, especially the end - I didn't see that coming!

BTW, have you seen A Wednesday? Another awesome cop film, IMHO better even than Khakee.

Anonymous said...

I love love Khakee. The best cop drama I have seen in BW. The characters were all flawed which is unusual in a BW movie but more realistic of life - things are not black and white in real life.

Noteworthy is the fact that Santoshi got the best performance I have seen from Akshay and (amazingly) Tusshar. Aishwarya was a surprise and did her part really well while looking stunning in simple outfits. She had some good chemistry with Akshay so now I'm looking forward to their next movie.

My favorite song is Dil dooba. I like Lara's song but her dancing is hilariously bad - ungraceful aerobics.

As for Big B, I loved his performance and his look in the movie. I usually love Ajay but I think he gave the weakest performance in this movie - it was almost a caricature of a bad guy.

Shellie said...

I've been dying for a good cop movie with a great story and character development. I'm shortlisting this!!!!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Ajnabi Thanks i'm sure you'll enjoy this

@ bollyviewer Akshay was opportunistic indeed, i liked him a lot in this

@ Avdi i can't get enough of Aisa Jadoo it gets me dancing everytime

@ dusted off thats a great way to look at the characters i didn't seee that twist at the end coming as well, it was perfectly timed. I ahve indeed seem A wednesday but i like Khakee more A wednesday missed me for some reason perhaps i need to rewatch

@ Anonymous Thanks for stopping by and commenting Indeed the shades of greay aspect was interesting and made the film a bit edgy, I actually enjoed Ajay performance it made for the typical bad guy you love to hate

Lara's dance mocves worked well with the song it made it Spicy..Lol

@ Shell you'll surely enjoy this said...

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Looking forward for your reply.

Master Praz said...

Hey bro. Do you want to update my Aakshay Shah blog with my new blog here.

Glad I found your blog again, will be contributing to it :) Also swing me an email when you have a moment:)

Praz said...

One of the best masala films this side of the sun! No other director in recent times has tapped in to the Bachchan and SHOLAY legacy with such ease!


somehow cudnt digest d fact tat ash acted in a negative role ;)

else "wada raha" is an fundoo song!!

bollywooddeewana said...

She pulled it off though i have to say and i like Vaada raha but Aisa Jadoo wins hands down for me ;0)

Kalu said...

it was a fantastic movie. There are only a handful of movies which can keep pace in a thriller without being over dramatic. The background music also compliments the story...