Thursday 29 April 2010

Talash (1969)

A big thank you for all your kind and encouraging responses to my previous blog post, its very much appreciated, and it means a LOT to me. Talash is my second O.P. Ralhan movie and it does have a lot of goodness going for it but like most O.P Ralhan movies I've seen so far, you need to be patient and pay attention right till the end

Raju (Rajendra Kumar) is a high achiever with huge aspirations, he leaves his little town to make it big in Mumbai , his mum (Sulochana) tells him no matter what he should stay true to his heart

He gets a job as a typist with a big company headed by a very suave Ranjit Rai (Balraj Sahni). At first Raju fumbles making errors which threaten to cost him his job, but after a dressing down from Ranjit he smartens up and works very hard, its not long till he's promoted and even when corruption comes his way he sticks to his conscience

On a break away from the city, he meets Gauri (Sharmila Tagore) who rescues him from a fall, they both fall in love (as you do) & he promises to come back & marry her under his mother's blessing

His friend Lacchu (O.P. Ralhan) falls for cabaret artist Rita (Helen), her dad however refuses their love

When Rita asks her dad (Sajjan) why he's stopping her marriage to the one she loves, he explains how he had murdered a friend Chand (Jeevan) who had tried molesting his wife Rosie, as a result of trying to conceal the murder, he had lost all his wealth due to an ongoing blackmail from Peter (Madan Puri) who was present at the scene, he's afraid that if Rosie gets married (which would mean she stops her dancing) there will be no more income to keep Peter quiet

Cut back to Raju and he's now leaving the hills, he promises to come back and marry Gauri. When he gets back to Mumbai he's promoted and given a 25% stake in Ranjit's company (why all this promotion all of a sudden?)

Well as we all know nothing is for free (there's always a catch), Ranjit wants Raju to marry his daughter Madhu who's just returned from Europe, Raju is dumbstruck when he finds out his daughter is a doppelgänger of Gauri whom he had left behind in the mountains

Should Raju refuse Ranjit's offer to marry his daughter he faces losing all he's worked hard for, as well as his stake in the company

Back at the mountain Gauri has promised to kill herself if Raju does not return. Will he return in time or will she kill herself

Back in Mumbai, watch as things are heating up between him and Madhu? Will he stray or will he stay true to his love Gauri? Are Gauri & Madhu long lost twins? If not, why do they look so much alike? Will Rita get the chance to marry Lacchu? Watch Talash to find out

O.P. Ralhan's films often have a great theme but his way of delivering them can be a bit shabby, also his insistence to cast himself in his films i find quite grating as i find him quite annoying as an actor.

I was about to write this whole film off as a disjointed melodrama of sorts, but the ending brought it all together rather nicely, it gets quite melodramatic plus there were some unnecessary paddings/filler scenes which could have been edited out, but do persevere to the ending, it was well worth it. Overall Talash is a wonderful film with its major theme being staying true to your heart.

I have nothing but Pyar for Rajendra Kumar and i totally loved him in this, sexy chemistry between him and Sharmila too, they made an awesome Jodi.
Sharmila was superbly gorgeous as usual, she undoubtedly looked her best in the 60's

Now i'm not that much of a cinophile to pick out long shots to framing aspects etc. and i don't really look out for such things in films, but Talash had sharp cinematography and uber fab interiors

From the fab office columns & murals
Lovely painting in the background

Helen's Fab cabaret sets

Sharmila's fab wardrobe, so fab i've included a video of it

A cool villain's den with a windy staircase leading to an upper floor room with see through glass panels and a mini cut out glass ceiling

as well as Some cool gadgets like Madhu's chalice firelighter

and her vintage record player

Overall great work from the Art director Shanti Dass who won the filmfare Best Art Director award for his work in Talash

The costume and style of the movie were awesome from Helen's showgirl outfit (Never has she looked so Hot)

to Sharmila's embellished Sari's

Overall there's much eye candy to be had from this movie as well as excellent songs by the legendary S.D. Burman including 'Meri Duniya teri maa' sang by the man himself, a wonderful Rafi/Lata number 'Palkon ke peeche', a wonderful cabaret number with Helen 'Mera kya sanam' a lovely tribal song 'Aaj ko junili raat ma', a Manna Dey gazal 'Teri Talash mein' my two favourites are the sensuous ballad 'Kitni akeli hai'

and the gorgeous 'Karle pyar karle' with a very Sexy Helen, check out the pep talk at the begininng, what a tease she is

Paisa Vasool Rating: 7/10


Cindy said...

This looks fun. Sharmila really is gorgeous, and I love all the shots of the fab decorations and clothes.

sunheriyaadein said...

Wow!!!!!what a wardrobe that was!!!
I had no clue as to what this movie was about but I have always loved Palkon ke peeche se - it's such a cute song.
A cool villain's den with a windy staircase leading to an upper floor room with see through glass panels and a mini cut out glass ceiling - I am fascinated by this! Simply amazing :-)
And another wow for suave Balraj Sahni.
Lots of wow factors here...the interiors, outfits, the chalice firelighter and karle pyaar karle .

The beginning line of Aaj ko junili raat ma is in Nepali (Translation : Aaj - Today, Junili : moonlit, raat - night )

Mister Naidu said...

A movie with 2 Helen songs can't be bad! And Karle Pyar Karle is one of her best (love those outrageous feathers lol). But what makes O.P. Ralhan think he can act? He's terrible. And he must be the most awkward dancer in Bollywood history!

Ava said...

This movie can thrill and irritate at the same time. The plot is really all messed up.

There is plenty of eye-candy and the basic theme of Rajendra Kumar's inner struggle between the glam or rustic Sharmila is very real.

But then, OP Ralhan butts in with a long parallel story with Helen. I guess they needed that to embellish the basic theme, which was pretty thin.

I remember the interior designs of Talash were the talk of the town when the film came out. It was seen as an uber stylish flick.

Though if you think about it, it is kind of funny that a sophisticated girl like Madhu would lead a guy straight into her bedroom.

Nevertheless. I love the Helen songs, Ayega re udd ke mera hans pardesi, and of course, kitni akeli.

Ava said...

I really loved your review. Loads of lovely screen caps and clips.

Am going to watch karle pyar now. :D

Ava said...

That was some cabaret. Helen had such an awesome figure then.

Anonymous said...

Sharmila looks so pretty here! Enough reason for me to watch.;-) The film sounds interesting too - especially the double role bit.

Bollyviewer said...

"his insistence to cast himself in his films i find quite grating as i find him quite annoying as an actor. " I was thinking exactly that, when I read the first para of your post! :-) OP Ralhan is the reason why I couldnt bring myself to finish watching Hulchul which has a fairly interesting plot and a very glamorous cast!

I think I have this, coz I land up picking anything 60s and 70s that has Sharmila in the lead! I remember thinking that Rajendra Kumar looked too old in this film, but doesnt seem like that in your screencaps. So, will give it a shot (inspite of OP Ralhan) - since I am curious about the double role mystery, and want to spend more time with the best wardrobe in the world.

harvey said...

Since I read the review of this film in filmigirl's blog, I've been fascinated about this film. The only thing which dissuades me is Rajendra Kumar. Somehow I don't like his grin. But Sharmila looks fabulous!
I think it is worth a watch just for a look at the interiors!!!!
And the story is so feminist! Quite unusual for its days and for Hindi cinema!
Helen looks gorgeous as usual!
Thanks for the review and reminding us of this film!

harvey said...

Moreover I love the great music by S D Burman!

Nasir said...

Eversince I watched Talash at the Apsara Cinema, Mumbai, I could never forget it for many reasons. First, it had my favourites Rajendra Kumar and Sharmila Tagore. She looked so lovely, dignified and romantic in this movie both as a rustic belle but especially as the daughter of the millionaire boss (Balraj Sahni) of our hero. For 1969, she was hot, I think hotter than she was in Evening in Paris despite her bikini there. Many don't agree with Rajendra Kumar or his looks now, but then he was a hot property - yes the Sixties belonged to this Jubilee Kumar. Regarding Helen, everyone agrees so I won't touch on this. Yes, again, it appears that O.P. Ralhan appears the odd-man out to most of us. But it's not so. O.P. Ralhan was of course the Producer-Director and he used the medium with brilliance. As an actor, he appeared natural as the son of a Sindhi business-man, i.e. if one knows the mannerisms and accent of a Sindhi pronouncing R as D and vice versa for example. In fact, he had become a popular comedian since Phool Aur Patthar days as a roadside tamasha walla. Of course, I feel Balraj Sahni has been made to go overboard with his begging before his employee. How much can one suspend the disbelief!
I love the music, especially the duet, Palkon Ke Peechhe se Kyaa Tumne Kar Daala...and the thematic song, Meri dunyaa hai Maa tere aanchal mein...This one specially so because it was picturised on Sahu Modak the mythological hero of the Fifties and whom I remember used to study my palm when I used to go to his bungalow after school.
Of course, the plot seems a bit contrived but in the total gloss and presentation of the movie we grandly ignore it, and watch the movie for fun and some serious thinking that what doesn't agree with our conscience, though it might agree with reasoning, we must accept that. Oh, some such thing! LOL...

Nasir said...

CORRECTION: ...We must NOT accept that...Sorry about missing the negative.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Cindy she is indeed, the interiors are to die for, i loved them so much that i couldn't stop taking screencaps of them

@ Sunehri Lol Thanks, the interiors and styling really blew me away thanks for the additonal info on the 'aaj ko junli raat' song, i guess it explains their costumes as well, it fits really well

@ Mister Naidu It sure isn't, O.P Ralhan had a habit of casting himself in almost every single one of his films, I guess he thought its my film so i should be in it

@ Thanks Avdi I guess Madhu taking a man to her bedroom wasn't so much due to her Sophistication only but her westernized background as well

@ Dustedoff It is i guess i would refer to it a bit as a suspense drama

@ Do Bollyviewer there's enough goodness, you're so right about Hulchul i had to finish it though as i felt no way i shipped this dvd all the way from india without finishing it ..LOL

@ Harvey Do Give it a go the songs Interiors and most things are fab plus Rajendra is lovely in this

@ Nasir Thanks for that extra Info i love all the additional info you provide me with :0) and as you've said the plot does indeed seem a bit contrived but the silly parts are well worth ignoring for the gloss

Nicki said...

Helen looks amazing in this film! Wow! Thanks for the lovely caps of her. I may just have to watch it just for her

Filmbuff said...

I too want to watch this movie for the songs and Sharmila Tagore. I am now making a list of films to be bought on my next trip home (to India) thanks to you bollywood Deewana!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ nicki yes do watch it for her but the film is interesting too

@ Filmbuff You're so welcome :0)

filmizle said...


vj said...


This the most expensive Hindi Film of the time made at One Crore Rupees...TALASH had full page ads in screen stating that...
Good job Bollywood Ka Devanaa,,,Hum bhi aapke saath hain...
Watch Jeetendra's Farz for some cool pace..another super hit of those days...

Vijay Kumar Rao
Goa India

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks a lot for your kind Comment and extra information on Talash Vijay,its very much appreciated. I've seen Farz too and i've reviewed it here

Anonymous said...

Its another excellent film of Rajendra kumar.
I Like it.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Muhammad thanks for all your kind comments all over my blog, i love Rajendra Kumar a lot too and i loved him in this one as well

Sharmi Adhikary said...

I'm watching this for sure :) Thanks for the recommendation.

bollywooddeewana said...


Anonymous said...

You still not reviewed Arzoo an Excellent movie of indian cinema.Plz Review.
Rajendra kumar Fan


bollywooddeewana said...

@ M. Adnan Thanks for stopping by, lots of other bollywood blogs have written about Arzoo, hence why i decided not to, you can read various takes on it in the links below

Sanjay Bhatia said...

Watched the movie today Oct 14, 2013. Loved the songs. Sharmila Tagore looked so good. Rajendra Kumar as usual was brilliant. Balraj Sahni was superb. He is one of the best actors bollywood has produced.
Songs were enchanting. No body mentioned about the song Ayaga hans pardesi. Lataji sang this song really beautifully.

TapSuccess said...

I came here looking for the pivotal quote from this film. "never do that which your head accepts but which your heart rejects"

Anonymous said...
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Mahendrakumar.H.Trivedi said...

What was appreciable about movies till late sixties was movies were made with sincerity particularly Rajendra Kumar's movies.
Tere Naina kar Talash jishe was beautifully choreographed and dancer was awesome. Who was the danseuse?