Thursday 7 July 2011

Calling all Rekha Deewana's

I love this artist's impression of Rekha
As anyone who reads this blog knows or should know by now, Rekha is one of my all time favourite bollywood divas, I can never pick her as an all time favourite as I tend not to have a single favourite thing of anything, this is something i also adhere to in every other areas of my life, whether it be friends, food, music, place etc. I find the idea of having one thing as my favourite very limiting. What I do prefer to have instead are 'favourites', but if push came to shove and i was asked to pick my top three bollywood divas of all time, Rekha will surely be there. The main reason for my Rekha rant today was to share my love for a new Rekha photo blog which i think all Rekha fans would appreciate, from old film Magazine covers, advertisements, to photo shoots, The Rekha the Legend blog is one everyone will enjoy, here are a few pictures form the amazing blog

Vintage Magazine Covers
I love how young and Innocent she looks here
I love the serious tone and look she has on this Filmfare cover, I might track it down on e-bay
Vintage Adverts
I love Gold Spot, I had no idea it was in India too, it used to be a really popular soft drink back when i was in Nigeria
ahh cute and young Rekha, I love her look here

Head Wrap Diva
Rekha definitely loved her hair Wraps
My Favourite amongst the head wrap lot, I love how Diva-licious she looks here

Other Photo Shoots
Totally loving her pose and attitude here
Those sunglasses are fab, J'adore
This is such a seductive image of Rekha, Je T'aime
Questionable Choices
In as much she takes my breath away most times, Rekha also delivers a yeh kya hai (What is this) moments sometimes, case in point is the picture below, where i can only wonder what her inspiration was (Pierrot perhaps)

All images courtesy of Sonali's awesome Rekha Photo blog Rekha the Legend ( be sure to check it out, follow it or bookmark it)


bárbara said...

Oh Rekha! She's glorious!

bárbara said...

By the way, I love how the A-word is discretely showing on the 'Rekha the legend' blog banner :D

The Bolly Hood said...

She's one of the actresses who was ever present in my Bolly childhood (no I wasn't a child actor...), always acted with grace and dignity. Although she's far too ubiquitous these days, appearing and featuring on most award shows. When they want to make a joke about a star of yesteryear she's they're go-to-girl (or should that be woman?).

Hey bollywooddeewna, come on check out my blog! (now that you're back on the blogosphere and all)

Sonali said...

heya :)
thanks so much :) im glad u liked my post..
bárbara, u mean Amitabh ? couldnt help it.. its off a cinblitz pic :)

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Barbara she is indeed nah, i love her so

@ The Bolly hood I usually skip those award shows but i do see pics of her here and there

@ Sonali A pleasure, you've put in a lot of awesome stuff on that blog

Scandalous_Diva said...

Love this post :)
Rekha is just so beautiful and was way ahead of her time -in terms of style. Her films are equally awesome.

Check out my blog

Anonymous said...

She was very beautiful - now she looks a little jaded (and too scalpeled ;-)), but still: for me the best Rekha there is, is the one in Umrao Jaan. She is so perfect in that: her beauty is out of this world, her dancing is awesome, and her acting - that scene towards the end, where she sees the dusty mirror... still gives me gooseflesh.

P.S. I haven't seen Gold Spot around in India for a while now, though. Fanta, yes - but I think Gold Spot has gone.


rekha has been d case of an ugly duckling who turned famous overnight..moreso due 2 her flings with BIG B ;)..dint knw tat she had endorsed gold spot :P

btw nice pics 2 show d transition!!

harvey said...

Rekha, used to adore her once!
Thanks for the fotos, it brought back the 80s back for me!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Dusted off i loved her in Umrao Jaan too, in fact can we refer to Rekha and not mention taht movie at all, everything from her looks, costumes, dance and acting were exquisite. What do you mean by scalpeled. Thanks for confirming Gold Spot, I wonder why that is, i think I preferred it to Fanta

@ The Bard beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I maintain taht I think she was always beautiful right from the tart of her career, yes she reinvented herself later on but she's always been a beauty

@ Harvey You're welcome ;)

Mette said...

I've always loved Rekha, since the first movie of hers that I saw (don't remember which one).
Great post.

Filmbuff said...

I have only liked Rekha in 4 movies - Umrao Jaan, Aap ki Khatir (comedy with Vinod Khanna), Ghar and Khubsoorat (Hrishikesh Mukerjhee's).

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Limeete Thanks, she's always so adorable I finf

@ Filmbuff You know i saw Khoobsurat in my early days as a bollywood deewana and i really couldn't appreciate it, I have to rewatch and as for Aap ki Khatir its on my to watch list

Anonymous said...

ohhh!!!!she is gorgeous

vuproxy said...

interesting post about bollywood stars

Anonymous said...

Rekha was, and is still beautifull. But the only thing that marred her being complete was her sad looks, she always looked worried and very sad, which made me not to be her fan as a kid.

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