Saturday 4 July 2009

Khoon Bhari Maang (1988)

While i'm not a huge lover of soap opera's, there's something about over the top, camp '80's dramas like Dallas, Dynasty that i find very interesting. Khoon Bhari Maang (Blood on the head) a remake of the popular '80's Australian series Return to Eden, like the Tv series of the time this movie is high on glamour, fabulous over the top fashion, a sexy villain and over the top drama

Aarti Saxena (Rekha) is a wealthy widow with a scar on her face who lives on a ranch in Sitapur with her two kids kavita and Bobby

When her father's (Saeed Jeffrey) employee Hiralal (Kader Khan) murders him out of greed, Aarti moves down to Bombay to handle the family Business

Then Hiralal, his cousin Sanjay (Kabir Bedi) along with Aarti's best friend Nandini (Sonu Walia) then plot to get their hands on Aarti's millions

Sanjay is introduced to Aarti and slowly he wins over the affection of her kids Kavita and Bobby, this impresses Aarti and she's impressed with the new father figure in her kids life, When Sanjay proposes Aarti accepts

After the marriage they leave for Sitapur alongside Aarti's best friend Nandini, while on a boat ride in Sitapur Sanjay pushes Aarti into a crocodile lake with the intention of killing her and then inheriting her wealth

Sanjay soon starts mistreating the kids and when he tries claiming the property he's told that since Aarti's dead body wasn't found, she can't be confirmed dead, and he would only be able to claim the property if Aarti doesn't show up for 7 years

Aarti surprisingly survives the crocodile attack and is washed up a muddy shore where she is found by a local man who treats her wounds

When Aarti recovers to see her scarred face she's disgusted and promises revenge, Aarti then sells her expensive jewelleries, and then flies out of India

Outside india she consults a plastic Surgeon (Tom Alter) who assures her surgery will eliminate her scars and give her a new look

Thus commends a makeover to put all the reality Tv shows to shame

Aarti is pleased when she discovers her new look, she then returns to Bombay with a vengeance, she goes secretly to her old house and finds her best friend Nandini romancing Sanjay

Aarti realises revenge is best served with a hot dash of glamour, so she applies her blusher, puts on contact lens, paints her nails and wears some fabulous '80's fashion

I love the way she crosses Nandin's face with her lipstick, very '80's soap operaish

She heads to the top Modelling agency and changes her name to Jyoti, she impresses the head of the modelling agency J.D (Shatrugan Sinha) who promises to make her the next big thing thereby succeeding Nandini her best friend

Watch as Aarti now Jyoti topples her best friend from the top of the modelling world (they even have a dance off to see who is the fiercest model)

Watch how she plots her way into Sanjay's heart as Jyoti, will she be able to reclaim her property and her family, watch Khoon Bhari Maang to find out.

I applaud Rakesh Roshan for his direction in this soap opera masala, he did a great job condensing a show that ran for three years into a 2hr 30 mins plus movie,other hollywood Tv movies very similar in theme 'A face to kill for' & 'A face to die for' exists but its the campness & over the top drama of Khoon Bhari Maang i adore the most.

Rekha was fantastic as the femme fatale, she handles her transformation from the 'scarred widow' to the beautiful woman seeking vengeance really well

the moment where she sees her new face for the first time and cries is well acted and very moving (see below) she was awarded the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her role

Sonu Walia who had recently won the Miss India pageant at the time was gorgeous and played her role just right, she got the filmfare best supporting actress award

the Beautiful Sonu Walia

Kabir Bedi who plays Sanjay has to be one of the sexiest villains ever, so arrogant, so vile yet so sexy, forget John Abraham in his yellow trunks in Dostana, this hot piece of a man wore a speedo way back then

The fashion of the movie is 'over the top' fabulous and Rekha pulls them off with attitude, while some were over the top, i was impressed to find some of the outfits looked so much like what the fashion icons of our times are wearing (see below)

Supermodel Kate Moss (May 2009) in the gold Head wrap similar to the same one Rekha wears in the movie
Lady Gaga (April 2009) in a shoulder padded blouse similar to one Rekha wears in the movie as well

Pop Star Rihanna (June 2009) in Sunglasses and a giant clutch very similar to Rekha's in the movie

There was some highly hilarious costumes and hairdo's too

The music by Rajesh Roshan suited perfectly, the joyful 'Hanste Hanste', the groovy 'Jeene ke Bahaane Lakhon Mein' & the romantic 'Main Teri Hoon Janam' (my all time favourite bollywood rip off ) which rips off of the 'Chariots of Fire' theme

Total Score: 7/10 ( A highly enjoyable camp drama)


dustedoff said...

You have a talent for spotting Bollywood-inspired fashion! That Lady Gaga one looks especially like too much of a coincidence to be one ;-)

Mister Naidu said...

This is my favorite Rekha film. She acts brilliantly before and after the change. Kabir Bedi almost matches her. Admire his deep baritone voice and delivery.

Outstanding score (despite Rajesh Roshan's plagiarism of Chariots of Fire), especially the very memorable "Hanste Hanste."

Highly enjoyable review! Your points are very well researched and thought out. Well done!

One final thought - according to Wikepedia, Rajesh Roshan has on two more occasions used Vangelis's themes for the soundtrack of his movies without giving credit to him. For example, the soundtrack of Vangelis's 1492: Conquest of Paradise was used throughout the movie of Koyla. Also, Vangelis's theme for Voices was used in the movie Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Vangelis himself was sued for plagiarism by another Greek composer for Chariots of Fire. Vangelis won.

bollywooddeewana said...

Lol, Thanks Dusted off i'm a freelance fashion stylist hence why i pay immense attention while watching my beloved bollywood films,they often provide me with inspiration

@ Mister Naidu Thanks so much, i guess the review shows how much i love this film, i never get tired of watching it + thanks for the additional info on Rajesh Roshan

Ava said...

ahhh.. Conan O Brien is using the chariots of fire theme in his promos for hosting the Tonight Show. Unfortunately, we in India associate the sound with Me Teri hoon jaanam, which makes it look really really fishy.

How great Rekha is.. She carried Khoon Bhari Maang on her able shoulders. How dishy Kabir Bedi is, sigh. He was dating/married to (whatever) Sonu Walia at the time. He is my all time favorite.

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Avdi thanks for stopping by, teri hoon janam even though it was ripped off from chariots of fire is such a lovely song,i think Rajesh Roshan used it intelligently and i do agree Rekha was so fab in this and indeed Kabir was dishy, i never get tired of watching this flick

Armíné said...

Awesome blog, bollywooddeewana (oh, aren't we all?;))

Great review of "Khoon Bhari Maang." As Mister Naidu already mentioned: this is one of Rekha's best roles -- if not THE best -- & my personal favorite. I'm all eyes for tough, spunky, feisty women kickin' some major bootay, so this has always been a cherished film of mine (watched it first when I was five -- fifteen years have passed, but it has never ceased to entertain).

Great analysis of the fashion, as well. It's always fun to go back & dissect what each character wore: how they rocked some, how they humiliated themselves (a la the golden fifty-pound bow on Rekha's head & the oh-so-ridiculous black ... Star Trek outfit?)

Remarkable film nonetheless! Looking forward to your future write-ups:)

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks for stopping by Armine,my love for this film i guess helped in the write up, its definitely my best Rekha film as well, i found the fashion mostly amazing but yet quite ridiculous in parts especially the Star trek type gown ..Lol

bollyviewer said...

I didnt know this was a remake of a soap opera - I'd love to watch it!

Kabir Bedi is certainly the sexiest villain EVER, but he also needs an eye surgery. How else can he explain falling for Rekha's eye-scarring/howlarious fashions when Sonu Walia looks so much prettier and better put-together?!!!

bollywooddeewana said...

Bollyviewer, this is a good watch, i never tire from watching this movie, of course he had to fall for Rekha you need to see those outfits in order to appreciate plus after a long time with Sonu, Rekha's edgy fashions and looks knocked him over as opposed to the perfectly put together Nandini (Sonu Walia)

Nicki said...

Wow, you sure beat me to picking out 80s! I haven't seen this but looks interesting.

bollywooddeewana said...

You should Nicki, its fantastic

Vinayak Razdan said...

Awesome! Lady Gaga should get in touch with Rekha for some more ideas.

bollywooddeewana said...

Indeed Vinayak that collaboration would be stupendous ;0)

Archana said...

Came to this page through ur comment in memsaab's review. I have somehow always missed out on this one. Have watched it in parts when it comes on tv, but not the whole movie yet.
u really have an eye for spotting outfits. luv ur comparisons with Kate, Lady Gaga and Rihanna

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Archana thanks for your kind words, the fashion stylist in me means i pay inherent attention to detail :0)

jeffrazak said...

I love this film. I remember watching it at a friend's place and didnt understand a word of it but I got the plot. Is there anyway I could get the eng subtitles for this film? I already have the film on my PC.

Thank you.

bollywooddeewana said...

Hello jeffrazak, unfortunately i don't know where you can subtitles for it but you can buy the dvd which comes with English subtitles at

Mansi said...

How can I forget this one! first movie i ever watched... which i obviously dint understand then..i was only 3 :D... all i remembered was the crocodile (I called it 'crocodile film' then)

i watched it later on the box and so many times!!... one dramatic film it was!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Mansi Lol it rings true for most people as the crocodile film but you know it gives me my money worth each time i see it