Thursday 21 October 2010

Bollywood Divas I love: Rekha

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE'S TO YOU REKHA-jI
OK so i realise I'm a bit late to the party that is Rekhatober that is going on around some blogs at the moment, but better late than never and i hope i'll pull out all the stops for one of my all time favourite bollywood diva's REKHA (RARE -CAR)

Versatilty is the first thing that comes to mind when i think of Rekha, no other Hindi film actress has reinvented themselves as much as Rekha, no other actress has played with their image and done a wide variety of roles like REKHA, from her courtesan act in Umrao Jaan to the hot Villain cougar in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, the decisive avenger in Khoon bhari Maang, to the rape victim in Ghar, the adulteress in Silsila. Rekha has played a wide variety of roles and one would find it hard to pigeon hole Rekha.

Rekha is also the consummate bollywood glamour queen, and diva of course, i can never have an ultimate best song or best film or best actress as i find the idea of picking one thing as your all time favourite very limiting, but if push comes to shove and i have to pick a top ten list of my favourite actresses, Rekha would be somewhere amongst the top.

In Hindi films since women usually don't get much to do i look for my bollywood diva's to bring me these three things

1. Drama - I love an actreess who can emote, , either beautifully or over the top, just be able to deliver dramatic/melodramatic performances and Rekha as we know can handle drama really well. Watch Ghar or Umrao Jaan to see for yourself
Rekha serving some serious drama

2. Glamour - Have you seen Silsila or Khoon Bhari Maang, in fact Rekha always gives me non stop glamour in most of her films, and taking screen caps of Rekha movies is always a problem for me as i am always so enamoured by her beauty right, even from the very start of her career when she was deemed rather unattractive by some.
Rekha in the 70's

3. Dance - Watch the clip below to see Rekha pull some awesome moves

4. Personality - Now i know most people refer to Rekha as some kind of enigma or the Garbo of bollywood as she's often called, due to her very secretive nature or her unwillingness to discuss much about her private life, but from watching her films, i sense she's quite a fun person, i can only think of her Diva act (a great example of this can be seen in the video interview below) that many associate her with as an exaggeration of her personality or her alter ego at best

My contributions for Rekhatober will include movie reviews from different eras of her career and then i shall end things with a bang by inducting her into the Bollywood Fashion Icon hall of fame as i did for Vinod

So hold on to your seats folks, as i take you through the Good, bad, craptastic, and the somewhere in between Rekha films

P.s i also realise i've written more about Rekha than any other actreess on this blog, so far here are the Rekha films i've reviewed (In Chronological order)


Mister Naidu said...

Another nice write-up. :)

Of all her movies.I love her role in Khoon Bhari Maang the best. I especially love her performance before the transformation to avenging killer. I thought she played the part of a loving mother and trusting wife to perfection before the betrayal by the evil Kabir Bedi. :)

I never tire of watching her self-absorbed interview and playing the diva role to the hilt. A quote by Little Richard comes to mind - "I'm not conceited, I'm convinced." lol.

After Helen, she's definitely among my favorite actresses along with Sridevi, Zeenat Aman and Mumtaz. :)

bollyviewer said...

Yay! More Rekha!!!

I need to get back on track for Rekhtober too, but I am rather low on "new" Rekha films. I do love her a lot - she is a great actress, has a beautiful voice and way of speaking, is a natural dancer, and looks great whether she plays a glamor-doll or a down-to-earth housewife. But when I tried to mentally list my favorite Rekha films, I realised that in most of the films, I liked Rekha and not the film!

Sharmi Adhikary said...

Will definitely look forward to the posts :)

Ava said...

My favorite would be Ghar. I know Khoobsoorat was also a great hit, but I have a soft corner for Ghar. Then there was that movie with Vinod Khanna, Aap Ki Khatir that was huge fun and lovely songs. Pyara ik bangla ho

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Thanks Mr Naidu we clearly share the same tastes in leading ladies, I'm yet to write about Zeenat on here but i hope to do so in the coming weeks and i never tire watching that interview too, pure awesomeness

@ Bollyviewer Very nice points you've made on there witha lot of films of her s i usually find Rekha is the best thing about it even if its so bad Rekha will almost always give me my money's worth

@ Sharmi Thanks i've picked some rare ones

@ Avdi I'm yet to watch Aap Ki Khatir but Ghar is lovely i love the songs a lot and as for Khoobsurat i was disappointed when i first saw it as i had heard lots about it, i found it boring but i'll try it out again

Anonymous said...

GHAZAB, NAGIN & DHARMA, were among the first indian films my parents bought then when i was 9years old...& i liked her so much..have watched so many of her films that i can't remember..but with your upcoming reviews,i would be able to recollect them. weldone.


nice 2 read abt d eternal,evergreen diva REKHA..waiting 4 ur reviews of her films :)

bollywooddeewana said...

@ the nitty gritty Thank you, Indeed i remember Nagin and Ghazab bneing popular choices in Nigeria back then

@ The bard I've been a bit slow but i'm just about to write one up just now

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Anonymous said...
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Gerald said...

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