Monday 19 October 2009

Kudrat Ka Kanoon (1987)

There is something about female centric masala movies that get me excited, these movies are usually the atypical wronged woman avenges evil man ladidida, topped with some over the top drama moments, fashion to die for and decent music

Dr Vijay (Jackie Shroff) is happily married to Aarti (Radhika), they have a lovely daughter called Munni

He ignites the anger of the elder local Dharam Raj ( Om ShivPuri) when he disrupts the beating of a local man. Everyone in the village fears Dharam Raj and are unable to stand up against him,

Dr. Vijay however is keen to put an end to Dharam Raj's tyranny and sets out on a mission to expose him

However his househelp is an aide of Dharam Raj and she alerts him about Vijay's plan.With her help, Dharam Raj sets Vijay up for murder when a dead body is found in Vijay's hospital cupboard

Vijay tries to plead his innocence but the local man he had rescued gives a false testimony saying Vijay had killed the man in anger when he caught him having an affair with his wife, he is sentenced to 7 years in jail

Following Vijay's imprisonment, his wife Aarti and daughter Munni are considered unclean and then handed over to the police by the village councillor

Aarti declares her innocence to the policeman who promises to help, he takes her home and while there he tries to get her to lay with him, Aarti is having none of it and he tries raping her forcefully, her daughter Munni tries helping her but Inspector Pandey strangles her to death

Aarti is furious and she leaves with her dead daughter to seek the minister Charandas's help, he promises to do his best. He makes arrangements for her daughters burial and promises to bring Inspector Pandey to justice

Unknown to poor Aarti is the fact that Minister Charandas is after her as well, he rapes her and a depressed, shattered Aarti proposes to kill herself in front of a train

Bharati Devi (Hema Malini) a lawyer spots her and rescues her, she tells her how she's never lost a case and propose to get her justice

loved Hema Malini as the fast talking lawyer

At court Aarti is accused of killing her child by Inspector Pandey and Minister Charandas who conspire against her, she's sentenced to 6 years in Jail

A few years later and Aarti is back with a vengenace as a the glamorous Princess Julie Singh and dressed to kill in some fabulous fashions

she stages a fake political campaign and charity dance show and catches the eye of Minister Charandas, he takes a liking to her and begins dating her not knowing she is the same Aarti he had violated years ago

Watch as Aarti plots, connives and wrecks havoc in the lives for those who wronged her

better don't mess with Aarti

Aarti is also confronted by her husband Vijay, what will she tell him? How will she explain thigs to him?

loved Jackie in this, he's one of my fave actors from 80's bollywood

I really enjoyed this movie, it was so camp and fabulously over the top, while also highlighting the immense corruption of the judicial/political system of the state.

I've come to realise that the 80's is one of my favourite decades in terms of bollywood cinema, this might have something to do with me being born in the '80's and also movies from the '80's were my introduction to bollywood, and of course my taste for camp melodrama

This movie is very similar to Khoon Bhari Maang, both movies feature female protagonists wanting to avenge the wrongs done to them by an evil patriarchal figure, these wrongs were mostly avenged through the power of their beauty of course. This lends credibility to the line of thought that with beauty comes power, as it was the beauty Aarti as Julie possessed in this film and in the case of Rekha as Jyoti in khoon Bhari Maang, that they were able to gain access to the men who wronged them and then ultimately conquer them

I absolutely adored Radhika (now known as Raadhika Sarathkumar) in her role as Aarti/Julie, i liked her as the traditional vulnerable Aarti but loved her even more as the fearless, no nonsense glamourpuss Julie, i loved the last few minutes in the film when she decides enough is enough. I know very little about her and this is my first film with her in it, from my research on her, it seems she was a southern actress who did a few bollywood films but her career in hindi movies never really took off

She gave us some fabulous 80's fashions too

Check out that hat and those earrings

Aarti also works the power shoulders & sequins trend and check out those earrings (you go girl)

there were some down outright fugly ones which i shall be sending over to bollywood fugly, i'm torn over this black and gold sequin gown though, its complete with a headgear and matching wristbands, part of me thinks fab and part of me thinks fugly

Good soundtrack from Laxmikant Pyarelal too the joyful 'tujhe itna pyaar kare' the bolly disco sounds of 'Abhi to padi hai' where we get to see our beloved black and gold sequin gown complete with matching headband and matching wristbands my favourite has to be the super mujra 'O mukda chand ka'

Total Score: 6/10 ( One of my favourite 80's masala drama)
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also spotted was this sshhhh picture,i've seen this picture so much in 70's/80's bollywood films, can someone confirm if this was a best selling painitng in india, why was it so popular, remember I also spotted it in Love story


Ava said...

Wellll, you are really brave to like all this mayhem.

But I like you pointing out all those fashions.

I think the shh poster was here and there during that time. Posters were kinda new in India and I have also put up a few in my room, but not the shh one.

Rum said...

Anything with a well dressed 80's clother female vigilante has me watching! Though i do looove Khoon Bhari Maang better, i remember watching this on zeetv when i was a kid, and was struck by the hotness of Jackie Shroff! And that shhh picture is a hilariously weird picture to hang up in a Bollywood house!

Nicki said...

This sounds like something I would like!!

Anonymous said...

That ssshhh... poster was popular once upon a time. I was never a one for posters (as far as I remember, the only ones I ever put up in my room were those of rock stars or cricketers!), but I recall seeing this in the rooms of some of my pals. Along with, on the loo door, an idiotic one which read "If you sprinkle when you tinkle be a sweetie and wipe up the seat"!!! Yucky.

But the film sounds like something I gotta see. I like heroines who develop a spine and indulge in some good kickass!

bollywooddeewana said...

@ Avdi ilove these films, any film that has an ass whooping woman is always entertaining, and the fashion are always some extra eye candy that does indeed add to my enjoyment ;0)

@ Rum Indeed i love such films myself, i love both this and Khoon bhari maang just about as much, although when it comes to campiness, i think Khoon Bhari maang outcamps this one. Can you recommend more movies along these lines & Jackie was definitely one of the hottest male actors in 80's bollywood, i adore him so much in his 80's flicks

@ Nicki i think you'll like this, we both seem to have the same tastes when it comes to 80's bollywood

@ dustedoff Thanks fopr the info on that ssshhh poster and i remeber seeing the

"If you sprinkle when you tinkle be a sweetie and wipe up the seat"

I think i saw it in a bollywood film i was watching quite recently

Indeed i love ass kicking females, i don't tink bollywood made too much of these, but i love all the ones i've seen so far

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